Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) was established at CCCC in 2012, and offers a variety of professional development workshops and activities. The TLC is located in the Lorusso Technology Building in Tech 117.

TLC Workshops

DCE Faculty Training Sessions

All DCE faculty are required to complete one yearly four-hour training session. You will receive a $75 stipend for completing this training, which focuses on creating conditions for success in the classroom. Sessions are held in the Teaching and Learning Center, Tech 117, which is the small computer lab off of the main lab in the Lorusso Technology Center.

  • Additional sessions will be announced soon

The History and Future of Higher Education

Are you curious about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)? Want to know what all the buzz is about? Join us for a six-week, MOOC-based discussion.

Let's Talk Teaching

Studies suggest that students are motivated when coursework seems relevant to their goals and their lives. Join us for a discussion of teaching strategies that promote relevance and autonomy in the classroom. Bring your ideas and experiences—we'll bring coffee and cupcakes.

iPhone/iPad user group


Managing Multimedia/Create Your Own YouTube Account

In this hands-on workshop, we'll learn strategies to store and access large files, as well as how to create your own YouTube account, which will allow you to curate videos for your students, as well as upload your own multimedia files to the world's largest video sharing website.

Smart phone/tablet workshop: To tweet or Not to Tweet

Like Facebook, Twitter has profoundly influenced communication and media interaction around the world. Are you longing to be part of the "Twittersphere" or just curious about what the heck "hashtag" means? Join us for this introductory workshop.

Technology: Introduction to audio recording

In this workshop, we'll use USB nicrophones and a free software tool, Audacity, to record lectures and narrations for PowerPoint slides.

Assessment Workshop: Assessing Quantitative Literacy

Quantitative literacy is one of our institutional learning outcomes, but many of us are unsure how to implement it or assess it. In this hands-on workshop, led by Susan Maddigan and Bill Berry, we'll discuss these issues and try out a rubric developed to assess quantitative literacy.

Moodle Workshops

Moodle 101: Basic Skills

If you have never opened Moodle before, this is the workshop for you. Learn the basics of course shell design, and see the features and tools Moodle has to offer.

Moodle 102

In the Moodle 102 workshop, you'll learn how to begin building your course by adding documents and links.

Discussion Forums

Interested in engaging students in online conversations? Discussion forums are a terrific activity you can add to your Moodle shell. Discussions are suitable for both online and face-to-face classes.

Quizzes and exams

Learn your options for creating quizzes and exams for online and face-to-face courses. Discuss your concerns about academic integrity and learn how out-of class quizzes can be a teaching, as well as assessment tool.

Moodle Gradebook

Many faculty love Moodle's gradebook function. You can set it up to calculate student grades, and choose whether and when to make those grades available to students. You will never need a calculator again (at least for calculating grades!)


Following up on our workshop on quizzes and exams, we'll introduce you to Respondus, a tool for easily creating, converting, and uploading quizzes and tests.

Pretty Up Your Course

Learn how to add images and labels using course design technigues.

Moving On

As the semester winds to a close, come to this workshop on preparing for next semester.

Moodle: Flipping the Classroom

More and more faculty are using Moodle to provide students with content and claiming class time for engaging activiities, such as simulations and discussions. This workshop will look at strategies for using Moodle and class time to create an effective balance. 

What can we do to help?

If you need some help or training, please feel free to contact the TLC with your specific need. We'll put together a workshop or get you some one-on-one support! Please contact Moodlefacultyhelp@capecod.edu for assistance. 

Mission of the TLC

To provide a safe environment in which to experiment, explore, develop, compliment and share ideas, strategies and tools that place our students' education at the center of all we do.