To help students prepare for the Placement Test, Cape Cod Community College offers FREE Math and English Refresher Workshops through the Testing Center.


At Cape Cod Community College, all entering students who have not completed a college level course in math and/or english are required to participate in placement testing. Your test score will determine the level of the courses you are eligible to take and may impact your choice of courses that have prerequisites. Students scoring below the college level, in either test, may be required to take one or more developmental courses, depending upon their score and program requirements.

MATH REFRESHER WORKSHOP I – A general overview of basic math skills including test taking strategies. All participants can retake the ACCUPLACER math test.

Monday, July 105:00–8:00pmMM Wilkens 105
Saturday, July 299:00am–12:00pmMM Wilkens 105
Saturday, August 129:00am–12:00pmMM Wilkens 105
Tuesday August 295:00–8:00pmMM Wilkens 105


MATH REFRESHER WORKSHOP II – Designed for students who would benefit from a review of algebra and other key topics in mathematics in addition to test taking strategies. This workshop is geared for the student who has a strong foundation in math and has the ability to be successful in college level math. All participants can retake the ACCUPLACER® math test.

Wednesday, July 125:00–8:00pmG-01 Lorusso Tech Building
August, August 149:00am–12:00pmG-01 Lorusso Tech Building


JumpStart –Students who have been accepted into Cape Cod Community College and have completed the math ACCUPLACER® test are eligible. It is strongly recommended for students who have earned a score of EA: 41-71. This is a series of intensive, interactive workshops for the students who could benefit from a review of algebra and other key topics in mathematics.  All participants can retake the ACCUPLACER® math retest.

August 1, 2 & 39:00am–12:00pmG-11 Lorusso Tech Building
August 8, 9 & 105:00–8:00pmG-01 Lorusso Tech Building


ENGLISH WORKSHOPS – Sessions to be announced.


Why should YOU consider taking a three-hour refresher course?

  • Because you haven't taken an algebra or english course in over a year.

  •  Your "basic" arithmetic, reading, and sentence skills are a bit rusty. 
  •  It will prepare you to score your best on the test, which will help ensure that you are placed in the correct level math and english courses at Cape Cod Community College.
  •  Taking time now to prepare and study may help you avoid spending time and money later on a lower level developmental math course.

To Register:

  1.  Use the form to the right and enter your information.

  2.  You will receive an confirmation that you have requested a seat in a workshop.
  3.  Within 72 hours, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you are formally scheduled for the workshop you have requested.

If you do not have a student ID number or are having difficulty scheduling for any reason, please call us at 774.330.4543 and we will be happy to help you. 

When Retesting: It is best to take your test 1–2 weeks after attending a workshop.

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Please note: A Student ID number is required – if you don't have one, please call 774.330.4543 to request one.


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