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Phi Theta Kappa

Alpha Upsilon Mu

Mission Statement:

"The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence."

The Alpha Upsilon Mu chapter is recognized for meeting Level 5 Status—the highest rating possible. The Five Star rating is based on completion of a variety of college and community service projects, honors topic activities, participation and leadership in regional activities. Meeting Level 5 in the Five-Star program means that the Alpha Upsilon Mu chapter has reached a peak of excellence by meeting higher standards of quality programming.

Phi Theta Kappa's mission is two-fold: First, to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and second, to provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship programming.

Students need to complete 12 credits with a GPA of 3.5 in order to be invited to join. For more information go to

The Phi Theta Kappa Office is located in the Tilden Arts Building Room 208. Faculty Advisors: Kate Martin, x4665 

Emblem of Phi Theta KappaAbout Phi Theta Kappa Emblem

The emblem of this society is a golden slab. The center of the slab is a black band upon which three Greek letters appear: Phi Theta Kappa. These letters symbolize the Greek words for wisdom, aspiration, and purity. The wreath of oak leaves denotes stability and strength of character. The curling leaves of laurel signify achievement and success. Above the band is a representation of the head of Athena, Goddess of Learning. In the base appear the mystic Greek letters meaning light – the light of learning and knowledge.