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Interfaith Service-Cape Cod Arts and Culture Expo
As an inter-faith community, as our community college’s academic year gets underway, I’m proud to say how thankful we are for not having to contend with hurricanes, wildfires, and other tragedies that many of our fellow colleges are facing. Massachusetts community colleges have reached out to our partners in Houston and are in the process of doing so in Florida, much the way we did...
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Remarks: 9-11 Remembrance
Good Morning.  Thank you for joining with our College community in remembering and reflecting on the tragic events of this date, now 16 years ago. We mourn the human lives lost, the lives forever changed, and sadly acknowledge a nation forever changed by those events of unspeakable terror.  We recognize the change in the trajectory of human history as a result of September 11,...
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Welcome 2017
As Fall Semester is underway, I express a great “ thank you”  to all for your commitment in helping our students visualize the possibilities as they refine and strive forward in achieving their goals. I’m also pleased to share the Google link for Matt Salomone's Convocation presentation on Reviving 'Rithmetic: Quantitative Literacy Across The College Curriculum:  ...
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A Joint Statement in Support of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
Massachusetts was recently named first in the country in terms of its K-12 education and the number of residents with college degrees. We recognize and affirm that excellent education is critical to the Commonwealth’s and America’s future economic vitality. We are committed to the education of all our children and young adults who pass through our doors. In many respects, our country...
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A Greater Commitment to Collaboration, and orienting the College as The Regional Higher Education Center
It was a pleasure to welcome Board Chair Sheila Vanderhoef and Vice Chair Dave Bushy to the Studio Theater, and “Day One” of our new academic year. As we begin a new academic year, and having reviewed multiple iterations of our draft NEASC self-study with a full summer agenda, we recall – Student success is the first priority at Cape Cod Community College. Visualizing how we...
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