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Cape Cod Community College President John L. Cox Awarded Fulbright Fellowship

Will Travel to India as a Member of the American Association of Community Colleges’ Global Education Commission

USIEF logoThe Fulbright Commission has announced that Dr. John L. Cox, President of Cape Cod Community College has been awarded a 2014 Fulbright-Nehru International Education Fellowship. The Fellowship, sponsored through the US Department of State and the US-India Educational Foundation, enables Dr. Cox to participate in the short-term higher education seminar in early March.

The seminar will provide U.S. Higher Education administrators with first-hand knowledge of the Indian Higher Education system. The CCCC President will interact with his counterparts at Indian institutions, exchange thoughts and ideas, and gain an understanding of the current framework of government policy for higher education institutions in India.

The Seminar will act as a springboard for future initiatives involving Indian institutions. In addition to representing the College, Dr. Cox will represent US community colleges as a member of the American Association of Community Colleges’ Global Education Commission.

Speaking about the fellowship, he noted that it provides a unique opportunity to share the community college approach to higher education that educates and empowers the workforce, and enriches both the regional and national economic climate.

“This is an opportunity to share ideas and experience in dealing with similar challenges with our Indian colleagues. The skills gap between employer and graduate, accreditation standards, assessment, and the demand for more research and career-focused institutions are present in the colleges and universities of both nations. The community college model becomes a very real option for Indian higher education.

When you think about where we are headed as global educators, India will have nearly 140 million people in the more traditional college-age group. In a few years, one in every four graduates in the world will be a product of Indian higher education. We both share to varying degrees, the challenges of access, equity, and quality. The ability to meet and potentially partner with our Indian colleagues and institutions enables us to expand educational and innovational opportunities for our students and faculty.

India will continue to become an even greater player in our global economy. Understanding and partnering with our higher education colleagues will help us understand how to operate more effectively globally and create opportunities for our students,” he stated.

Dr. Cox added, “On a personal note, my interest in participating in this fellowship is driven in part by an intent that Bill Gates captured well during his 2007 Commencement speech. We need to judge ourselves not on professional accomplishments alone, but also on how well we’ve addressed the world’s deepest inequities; on how well we treated people a world away, people we may not know but with whom we have humanity in common. This is a tremendous opportunity and I am grateful to serve.”