Equipment and Supplies

Computers: There are three computers in the NAHLRC that are available for student use. These computers are Internet-accessible. Students using the computers are required to sign in to the lab.

Image of a student practicing with the microscopeEquipment: The NAHLRC is equipped with "state-of-the-art" high, as well as moderate, fidelity simulation mannequins and equipment.

Help Desk: The Student Help Desk may be consulted for any questions related to operation of the computers. The Help Desk can be reached at 774.330.4004.

Access: To access nursing programs, log onto the computer with your student ID and confidential password. Click the Start Button to Programs and from Programs to Nursing Applications. All of the available nursing programs are listed within this section. Access to individual programs vary.

NAHLRC Committee: The NAHLRC committee is comprised of the NAHLRC coordinator and representatives from nursing and allied health programs. They meet monthly to make policy for the NAHLRC and serve as consultants for major purchases and renovations/improvements to the NAHLRC.