Learning Resource Center

Purpose: The Nursing & Allied Health Learning Resource Center (NAHLRC) is a learning laboratory that is available to all students and faculty engaged in the study of Health Care Sciences. Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. To provide a stress-free environment that allows students to practice basic clinical skills
  2. To serve as a resource for gathering information regarding the Health Care Sciences

Location: The NAHLRC is located in the North Building on the ground floor in Rooms NG 7-8-9 & 10. The center consists of three separate learning lab areas and a work/storage room. There is a five bed basic lab, a four bed simulation lab and a lab that is equipped for Allied Health students with exam tables, etc. This lab area has three computer stations and a classroom area with presentation classroom capability. All of the labs are equipped with "state-of-the-art" mannequins and equipment.

General Regulations:

  • No food or drink is permitted in the NAHLRC.
  • Lab coats must be worn at all clinical sessions.
  • Sign-in is required for all open and scheduled labs.
  • Beds must be left neatly made in lowered position with side rail down at the end of all sessions.
  • All furnishings must be returned to their proper place after use.

Communication: Students with questions, comments, or concerns are encouraged to contact the Learning Resource Coordinator at 774.330.4587.

Hours of Operation: The NAHLRC is open Monday through Friday with some scheduled evening and Saturday hours. Please check the schedule posted on the bulletin board outside the center and on each nursing class board located on the top floor of the North Building for specific daily schedules.

Open Lab Schedule: An open NAHLRC schedule is usually available for all students before and after scheduled nursing science classes. During open lab hours, the center is staffed with an instructor who is available to assist with any procedures or skills that the student may need to practice. Students may also practice skills on their own or with each other during open labs sessions. Computers are also available for use during this time. Any student who needs assistance and is not able to attend scheduled open lab hours should contact the coordinator to make an appointment.

Computers: There are three computers, one in each room, that are available for use by the Nursing and Allied Health students. Computers have Internet accessibility. There are no printers in the NAHLRC.

Help Desk: The College's Help Desk may be consulted for any questions concerning operation of the computers. The Help Desk can be reached by calling 774.330.4004.

Clinical Practice Prescriptions: Students who require additional help with clinical skills will be given a "prescription" by their clinical instructor for remedial assistance. Prescriptions are made out in duplicate by the instructor. One copy is for the student and one copy is put into to the NAHLRC Coordinator's mailbox.

Students who are given a prescription for remedial assistance must make an appointment with the coordinator to accomplish the necessary skill review. Faculty/Clinical Instructor fill out the top portion of the prescription to request the required remedial assistance. The coordinator completes the lower portion once the student has satisfactorily completed the needed review to satisfaction and returns it to the Faculty/Clinical Instructor who prescribed it.


North Building, rooms NG 7, 8 ,9 & 10