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The overarching goal of the CVTE (Career/Vocational Technical Education) Linkage Initiative funded by Title II of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act is to link secondary career/vocational technical education with postsecondary career/vocational technical education, and improve educational outcomes for consortium students.

The primary goal of the Cape & Islands CVTE Consortium is to improve college readiness for students at member high schools by increasing the number of students who choose to enroll in postsecondary education, and reducing the number of students who need to enroll in developmental courses at the postsecondary level. Through articulation agreements with consortium member schools, we also award college credit to students who satisfactorily complete approved courses at their schools.

In order to meet these goals, the consortium works to provide early assessment of students' skills through the College Placement Tests. Students who take these tests are given information about their scores and strategies for improvement. The consortium also offers workshops for teachers to help them help students right in the classroom.

Additionally, college and high school faculty meet to review courses and determine what can be offered for college credit in fields such as Information Technology, Accounting, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Technology, Office Technology, and Hospitality & Tourism.

A workshop entitled "Preparing the Student for College Success; Understanding the Accuplacer Placement Test".Powerpoint Presentation  It included 65 educators from 16 different school districts, our community college and The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We are looking to continue this dialogue with the High Schools.

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For more information contact:

Theresa Bowse – Special Programs Coordinator
Coaches & Mentors, CVTE Linkage Initiative, Tech Prep
Location: Maureen M. Wilkens Hall, Room 233
Phone: 508.362.2131 x4374

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