How To” Guide for MassHR Employee Self-Service Features

All employees are able to go online to view and update certain personal and payroll-related information.  Employee Self-Service is easy to access and use. All you need is an Internet connection and a supported browser.



“How To”

Log in to Employee Self-Service

·        Navigate to MassHR homepage (

·        Scroll down and click “Login to Employee Self-Service”

·        Log in with your Employee ID and password

·        If this is your first time logging in and you do not have a password:

User Name: Employee ID

Password:  Uppercase initial of your first name + lowercase initial of your last name + Employee ID + Last 4 of your SS#

Once Logged in you can create a password

Personal Information

Update Home and Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Emergency Contact Information

·        Log in to Employee Self-Service

·        Click “Personal Information” under “Quick Links” on the left

·        Click on the desired menu selection (“Home and Mailing Address,” “Phone Numbers,” or “Emergency Contacts”)

·        Update your information

·        Click “Save” and view confirmation screen

Payroll Information

View and Print Pay Advice

·         Log in to Employee Self-Service

·         Click “Payroll and Compensation” under “Quick Links” on the left.

·         Click “View Paycheck”

·         In the column labeled “Check Date,” click the date for the paycheck you would like to view

·         The paycheck will open and you will be able to view details and print the “View Paycheck” .pdf

Payroll Information

View Leave Balances

·         Log in to Employee Self-Service

·         Click on “Timesheet” under “Quick Links” on the left

·         Click on the “Leave/Compensatory Time” tab directly below the timesheet to view real-time balances

Note: Online employees who are not Self-Service Time and Attendance users will not be able to enter time online, but will be able to view their real-time Leave Balances on their online timesheet.


Job Aids and Online Learning Videos

Job Aids are available online. They provide click-by-click guidance for using Employee Self-Service.   Online learning videos are available to assist employees who are new to self-service. The online learning videos provide an overview of system navigation and features.  Visit to review the Job Aids and videos.



Employee Support

Contact the HR/Payroll office for questions regarding your payroll and personal information update questions and to re-set your Self-Service Password if necessary.