DCE Adjunct Faculty Information

To: DCE Faculty

From: Jean LeBaron, Personnel Analyst, Human Resources
Subj: DCE Procedures
Date: August 29, 2017

Reminder…Periodically we will be posting updated information for DCE Adjuncts on the College website via the Human Resources link on the home page. Here we will provide updates regarding the timing of electronic (email) submission of Teaching Availability Forms, Tentative Assignments and Teaching Contracts. We will also use College e-mail to provide informational updates as appropriate but felt by posting this information to our website it would always be available to you.

NOTE: This information is also available on the CampusWeb Faculty Portal under Resources/DCE Adjunct Faculty.

For your convenience, an updated list of DCE email submission dates is included at the end of this memo.

Just as a reminder…all DCE faculty have CCCC e-mail accounts. You can access your e-mail here at the College or from home. Accessing your College e-mail from home is a fairly simple process…note the following instructions: 

Accessing College E-Mail From Home…or Other Computers:

It is easy to access your e-mail from home, or any other off-campus location. First, access the internet by launching any web browser software, such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the URL address line, type the following URL: www.capecod.edu. At the top of the page click on My4c's. When the dialogue box pops up, type in your log-in ID in the USER NAME line, which is the same as the first part of your email address before the "@" symbol. All letters are lower case.  Next, type your College password. If you do not know your password, contact the Help Desk at x4004 for assistance.

Next, click the log on button. This will bring up your College e-mail.  You will be able to read, reply, delete, send new messages, and have access to your contact list.

Be sure to LOG OFF when you have completed accessing your College e-mail from home. 

**If you aren't already accessing your College e-mail from home, I highly recommend setting it up ASAP so that you can become comfortable with it.  All DCE communications and notices will be transmitted via your College e-mail address and posted on the HR website.

If you should experience any difficulty with this, please contact the Help Desk at x4004 and they can walk you through the process.

See also: Faculty Technology Tips

The following is the schedule of upcoming DCE e-mails to be sent:


Week of September 10, 2017  Teaching Availability Form for January Intersession 2018
Week of September 10, 2017 Teaching Availability Form for Spring Semester 2018
Week of September 10, 2017 Contracts for Fall Semester 2017 
Week of October 23, 2017 Teaching Availability Form for Summer Semester I & II 2018 
Week of November 20, 2017 Intersession Tentative Assignment for January 2018  
Week of December 11, 2017 Tentative Assignments for Spring Semester 2018 
Week of January 1, 2018  Intersession Contracts for January 2018  
Week of January 15, 2018 Teaching Availability Forms for Fall Semester 2018  
Week of January 29, 2018  Contracts for Spring Semester 2018 
Week of April 9, 2018  Tentative Assignments for Summer Session I 2018  


If you have any questions, please call, drop-by or e-mail us anytime!

Michelle Houlihan
Phone: (508) 362-2131 x4358
E-mail: mhoulihan@capecod.edu

Jean LeBaron
Phone: (508) 362-2131 x4306
E-mail: jlebaron@capecod.edu