Dental Hygiene Program Philosophy

The Cape Cod Community College Dental Hygiene Program provides an educational pathway for students to join a rewarding health profession that offers a wide range of career opportunities. At Cape Cod Community College, the students' education is the first priority, and the Dental Hygiene Program is committed to helping the students in the development of clinical skills, critical thinking skills, and in the acquisition of a strong educational foundation in dental hygiene. Students are encouraged upon completion of the program to further their education and expertise, and to involve themselves in their professional association.

Program Goals

  1. Educate students to provide quality dental hygiene care for patients from diverse populations and to recognize the cultural differences in the dental hygiene process of care on a global scale. 
  2. Prepare students to become competent, critically thinking health care professionals who promote health and the prevention of disease.
  3. Prepare students to maintain high standards of ethical conduct.
  4. Provide a learning environment for students that will instill the pursuit of lifelong learning.
  5. Provide a curriculum that includes scientific advancement, innovations, and the use of technology in the practice of dental hygiene.
  6. Educate students about the value of active membership(s) in local, state, national and international professional organizations.

Program Completion and Professional Examination Pass Rates

For 2016 to 2018:

  • Program completion rates ranged from 90.9% to 100%.
  • ADEX pass rates for first time test takers ranged from 80% to 90%.
  • NBDHE pass rates for first time test takers were 85%.