Workplace Training Programs

The Center for Corporate and Professional Education (CCAPE) at Cape Cod Community College is a training provider through the Workforce Training Fund Express Program. This Program assists companies with 100 or fewer employees to address their employee training needs through a list of pre-registered courses. Eligible employers complete a short, on-line application to request grant funds for pre-registered training courses. Grant funds are limited to $3,000 per employee per course and $30,000 per company per calendar year. A company whose request has been approved will be reimbursed for up to 50% of the actual cost of training.  

Application Process

Applicants should submit an online application at least 6 weeks in advance of the desired training start date.

  1. Identify the Training Provider and Course identification number. This is required for the online application. For your convenience, course identification numbers are listed below in our course descriptions. 
  2. Submit an online application.
  3. Submit a Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing via email to or via fax to 617.242.7660. Your application will not be considered complete until the receipt of a Certificate of Good Standing. Please Note: It may take a week or more to receive your Certificate of Good Standing. The request should be made as soon as possible. 
  4. Questions? Contact Michelle Constantino, Manager of Corporate Relations, at The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College at 508.364.0923 or



Keystones for Success Programs
Core training programs for every company


Effective Communication
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

In this program, participants learn the fundamentals of professional communication beginning with the barriers to effective communication, how perceptions are formed. They then review the basics of verbal and nonverbal communication including active listening. The participants are given the opportunity to assess their own personal learning and communication style using DISC Personality Profiles. This knowledge will be use to understand how to deliver behaviorally based feedback to coworkers. This program provides the essential foundation for any professional to use open communication to create productive workflow, reduce conflict and mistakes and encourage a positive work environment.

Time and Productivity Management
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

Supervisors and staff who implement time management techniques will increase productivity, accuracy and even accountability. Participants will learn how to set realistic goals and develop action plans that reflect their actual job tasks. Individuals will learn to organize their own time as well as implement proven systems that streamline the workflow within a team.

Supervisor Essentials
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

Participants will develop the skills required to motivate employees, delegate responsibility, solve problems, resolve conflict and improve performance. By learning tools and strategies to positively influence and direct staff, managers can inspire and guide their teams in creating an increasingly positive and productive work environment throughout all departments.

Customer Service
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

Learn to master internal and external customer relations in this interactive course designed to enhance communication skills. Diffusing conflict, saving face, and managing difficult customers are highlighted, as well as practical, effective communication and negotiation techniques. Understanding how to create positive interactions with those being assisted, not only makes a job easier, but more enjoyable and productive.

Facilitating Productive Meetings
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

Studies show that we spend between 35-50% of our time in meetings. The problem is without knowing how to run productive meetings; you end up wasting a lot of this time. In this 8-hour program, participants will learn the tools required to keep a meeting focused and productive. We will move beyond setting an agenda and discuss what to do with distractions, members who do not participate, and how to engage even the most fidgety team member. In addition, we will explore alternatives to the traditional meeting for you to explore with your organization. Participants will leave feeling more confident that their meetings will be an asset to their company, not a liability.

Process Thinking
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

This session is based on the Six Sigma strategy for continuous process improvement. It begins with an overview of process improvement management in manufacturing and business settings. Participants will learn the principles of process thinking and how to create a culture of continuous improvement based on cross-functional teams. They will be introduced to the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) problem solving structure and practice analyzing and building process flows that have clearly defined goals and provide value to the customer.

Results Oriented Marketing
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,000

In today’s ultra-competitive quest to stand out from your competition, a solid understanding of marketing has become essential for people throughout an organization. Learn to develop and execute a strategy that delivers results. This interactive session provides the fundamentals of marketing as well as real world tools to develop a marketing plan and integrate social media into that plan. Participants will learn more about their target audience and why this is the cornerstone of getting results with their marketing efforts.

Computer Essentials
8 Training Hours / Cost: $1,600

Employees often have many skills to offer their employer but have never learned the basics for using a computer. In this hands on training, students will be introduced to the components of the computer, including how to navigate the start menu;how to use a keyboard and mouse; how to open and send email; and how to create, save, close, and reopen a file in Microsoft Word.

Comprehensive Learning Programs
Immersive three-part training programs designed for all levels
staff, supervisors and leadership

Effective Communication and Conflict Management 
18 Training Hours / Cost: $6,000

Communication pitfalls often lead to unproductive conflict. Managers who understand individual communication styles will know how to communicate effectively across multi-generations and cultures, and gain insight on why conflict may arise, and steps to resolve conflict in a positive manner. DISC Personality Profiles and analysis will be incorporated. Through a results-focused three-prong training approach, companies and organizations will realize lasting change in their workplace’s communication culture – 1) Define Strategy, 2) Learn Skills, 3) Implement Change.

Delivering Extraordinary Customer Service
18 Training Hours / Cost: $5,300

Whether companies and organizations are dealing with internal or external customers, delivering extraordinary service not only builds relationships, but it also builds retention and loyalty. In a busy 24/7 world we often focus on getting the job done and we put customer service second. This training addresses not only critical customer service skills, but how to integrate them into daily workflow. Through a results-focused three-prong training approach, you will realize lasting change in your workplace’s culture of customer service – 1) Define Strategy, 2) Learn Skills, 3) Implement Change.

Building Effective Working Relationships with Teams
18 Training Hours / Cost: $6,000

Teams who are effectively led contribute substantially to the overall success of the organization. Bringing together individuals with different skills, cultures and from different generations, however, is fraught with pitfalls. Today’s most successful leaders understand the dynamics of a forming team, how things are perceived cross culturally and how to communicate to and motivate four different generations in the workplace. This comprehensive series provides participants the skills, tools and resources required to become effective team leaders and invaluable contributors. By identifying personal biases, individuals can better understand their co-workers, and then dive deep into understanding team dynamics, goal setting and how to lead their teams through change. Through a results-focused three-prong training approach, you will realize lasting change in your workplace’s culture of team dynamics – 1) Define Strategy, 2) Learn Skills, 3) Implement Change.

Creating a Social Media Culture
18 Training Hours / Cost: $5,300

Training comprises of two tracks, Executive Team and Tactical Team. An opening and closing session will be provided to bring both groups together to ensure synchronicity in the ongoing social media plan. The Executive Team classes will focus on the big picture including message, branding and long- and short-term strategy. The Tactical Team will delve deeper into the operations of platforms, streamlining workflow and implementation of the message and brand. Through a results-focused three-prong training approach, you will create a workplace culture that embraces social media engagement – 1) Define Strategy, 2) Learn Skills, 3) Implement Change.


 Managing for Success Programs

Managing a Generational Workplace
9 Training Hours / Cost: $2,250

Combining four generations in the workplace requires an understanding of the four generations, perceptions, misperceptions, and the differences in learning and communication styles. In addition, leaders need to be able to adapt their styles to fit their employees. This training provides the skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace.

12 Training Hours / Cost: $3,000

As companies and organizations prepare for and experience success, a solid management team is imperative. This concise, yet comprehensive, training provides both new and seasoned managers with the expertise needed to lead today’s workforce. Participants will be encouraged to immediately implement strategies and measure results. The program is designed to inspire and teach managers to create an increasingly positive and productive work environment by developing as individuals as well as shifting the overall culture in four core areas: 1) Management Essentials, 2) Communication Styles, 3) Optimizing Performance and 4) Results-Focused Leadership.

Coaching for Peak Performance using DiSC
9 Training Hours / Cost: $2,475

The best coaches understand their teams inside out. They study their teams to know what motivates them and what obstacles hold them back. In this program, you will be given tools of a great coach to use with your team. You will learn to use personality profiles to better understand your team such as how to work with an individual resistant to change or what to do with someone who overpowers the team, but has difficulty finishing what they start. With this knowledge, you unlock the potential of every individual on the team to go beyond mediocre performance. You will coach them to Win.

New Manager and Supervisor Training Series
Core Training for New and Emerging Managers and Supervisors
10 Training Hours / Cost: $2,500

Company’s reward their best employees by promoting them. But, this can be a recipe for disaster for both the new manager and the company. New managers often lack the basic managerial skills needed to succeed. This series will help newly promoted managers build on their current skills, become more effective in their day-to-day dealings with people and embrace their new responsibilities. This core training will cover: Communication Skills & Conflict Management for the New Manager, Situational Leadership through the Generations for the New Manager, Managing Difficult Employees, Performance Issues and Reviews, Time and Productivity Management for the New Manager, and Staffing for Performance for the New Manager.

Embracing Process Thinking
3 Part Series

Continuous Process Improvement Culture: How and Why

For all levels of the organization
4 Training Hours / Cost: $1,100

Embracing a cross-functional process mentality that is practiced by everyone in an organization increases productivity and employee ownership of work, improves communication, proactively addresses issues, and creates agility to respond to change. This introductory session defines the process, terms, roles and how process thinking will impact an organization. Building on this foundation, the organization will select one process improvement project to address in each subsequent Kaizen Blitz session. 

Note: The first session (Continuous Process Improvement Culture) is a prerequisite for either working session (Process Improvement Tools and Techniques and/or Recognizing and Addressing the Problem: A Kaizen Blitz). Because process thinking is based on “work ownership” and addressing issues/innovation as close to the actual work process as possible, it is beneficial to have various staff levels and cross-functional representation in the same session. Subsequent sessions are based on LEAN Six Sigma process improvement methodology. Mid to senior level managers who will be Process Improvement Champions should attend all three sessions. Other employees can attend one or two sessions.

Process Improvement Tools and Techniques
Max 16 participants
8 Training Hours / Cost: $2,200

Process Improvement tools and techniques that are applicable in any department or organization are demonstrated. The five primary tools addressed are: DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Approach, “As Is” State and “To Be” State Mapping, PDCA, 5 Why’s and Cause and Effect Diagram, and standardization. Working in teams, the participants implement three techniques on actual work scenarios. Prerequisite: Continuous Process Improvement Culture.

Recognizing and Addressing the Problem: A Kaizen Blitz
3 sequential days (Day 1: 8 hours Day 2: 8 hours Day 3: 8 hours with senior management participation for 2 hours) Max 7 participants not including senior management attendees. Requires pre-planning with one Process Improvement Champion.
24 Training Hours / Cost: $6,600

The pre-planned Kaizen Blitz takes a high-visibility “Recognized Problem” and through structured analysis, observation and brainstorming the selected cross-functional team creates a new process with more value, less waste and measurable results. The event concludes with the proposed Future State process presented to management. Additionally, the organization agrees to implement the proposed workflow within 5 to 10 days, consistently measure the results, to revisit the process after 30 days and to incrementally refine the process as needed. Prerequisite: Continuous Process Improvement Culture.

Process Thinking

Tools and Techniques for Process Improvement
Max 16 participants
15 Training Hours / Cost: $4,125

Competition, customers’ changing demands, and evolving technology all exert pressure on companies to change their processes and respond quickly to market demands. However, addressing these pressures with limited resources and without a structured approach can cause delays, poor quality and waste—increasing employee stress and negatively impacting your company’s bottom line. Embracing a process improvement methodology can increase productivity, employee engagement and project success!

This session begins with an overview of process improvement management in manufacturing and business settings. It covers the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) Approach with a focus on planning and controls and usage of techniques such as: SIPOC diagrams, Swimlane diagrams, 5 S’s, Current and Future State Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, and Cause and Effect diagrams. Participants are highly encouraged to bring actual work problems/innovations to address during these sessions.


Corporate Culture Programs
Combine two or more to maximize impact

Defining and Communicating Your Corporate Culture for Company Leaders
9 Training Hours / Cost: $3,300

Organizations organically develop a culture, but it is hard to identify from the inside. Defining culture drives revenue, curtails turnover and enriches employee satisfaction. This course blends professional development sessions with coaching strategies to guide the leadership team in clearly defining what they want to stand for as well as teach how to best communicate that message to their employees. The company will receive a final written compilation and plan.

Communicating and Upholding Your Corporate Culture for Managers and Supervisors
6 Training Hours / Cost: $1,500

Employees look to managers and supervisors daily as role models of the company culture. To serve as role models, it is imperative that managers and supervisors embrace and understand the company culture and are able to communicate that defined message both verbally and non-verbally. A cohesive team working toward this common goal will steadily shift the entire workplace culture. Prerequisite: Defining and Communicating Your Corporate Culture

Living the Company Culture for Employees

3 Training Hours / Cost: $750

Employees stay loyal to a company that mirrors their values and those company values are lived each day in their culture. By communicating company ideals through workplace culture, employees develop more job satisfaction, pride and ownership in their work which will ultimately lead to staff retention and higher productivity. Prerequisite: Defining and Communicating Your Corporate Culture 

Understanding, Communicating and Managing the Change Process for Company Leaders
9 Training Hours / Cost: $3,300

Leading an organization through change, executives need to understand the complexities of change. This executive level training covers the change process and communication tools to effectively discuss change with employees and manage the process.

Communicating and Managing through the Change Process for Managers and Supervisors
6 Training Hours / Cost: $1,500

Once a change is in motion, it is up to your managers and supervisors to see it through. This management level training delivers the tools they need to facilitate the change process with different styles of employees.

Living in a Culture of Change for Employees
3 Training Hours / Cost: $750

Change dramatically decreased employee productivity and morale. This employee level training provides them the foundational understanding of the change process and how to effectively communicate their needs regarding the change. Prerequisite: Understanding, Communicating and Managing the Change Process.