Workplace Training Programs

The Center for Corporate and Professional Education (CCAPE) at Cape Cod Community College is an approved training provider through the Workforce Training Fund Express Program. This Program assists companies with 100 or fewer employees to address their employee training needs through a list of pre-registered courses. Eligible employers complete a short, on-line application to request grant funds for pre-registered training courses. Grant funds are limited to $3,000 per employee per course and $30,000 per company per calendar year. A company whose request has been approved will be reimbursed for up to 50% of the actual cost of training.  

Application Process

Applicants should submit an online application at least 6 weeks in advance of the desired training start date.

  1. Identify the Training Provider and Course Identification Number. This is required for the online application. For your convenience, course identification numbers are listed below in our course descriptions. 
  2. Submit an online application.
  3. Submit a Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing dated within the last six months via email to or via fax to 617.242.7660. Your application will not be considered complete until the receipt of a Certificate of Good Standing. Please Note: It may take a week or more to receive your Certificate of Good Standing. The request should be made as soon as possible. 
  4. Questions? Contact Michelle Constantino, Manager of Corporate Relations, at The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College at 508.364.0923 or

Keystones Training Programs
Each comprehensive, interactive Keystone course is a 12-hour, three-part program that is designed to first equip employees with the essential skills on a core training topic and then to give them real-world strategies and tools to help implement, measure and sustain the newly learned skills in order to create a culture of continuous best practices.
Part 1 – Essential Skills – 6-hours of training; May be offered as a one-day class or in two 3-hour sessions.
Core competency training that provides employees with solid foundation skills.
Part 2 – Implementing Skills – 3-hour session
Training focused on practical application of skills, measuring results and addressing challenges.
Part 3 – Sustaining Skills- 3-hour session, typically held a few weeks after Implementing Skills.
Training designed to advance employee skill and create a lasting shift in the workplace culture.

Keystones Management and Leadership Programs
For each core topic, you may add a 3-hour advanced-level course that helps managers/leaders explore the concepts of the core training program from a leadership perspective and develop an understanding of how to coach their teams in using the new skills set.

Innovation Training Programs
Innovation courses are information-packed, thought-provoking, 3-hour courses that all employees to gain a deeper understanding of a particular topic in order to help them manage specific challenges. (Note: A select few Innovation Courses are 6-hours.)

The following descriptions provide an overview of the training content. The instructors will use your input to adjust the curriculum to address the particular needs in your workplace. We will work with you to design a schedule and structure that will maximize your staff’s time and your budget.

The Center for Corporate and Professional Education's
Approved List of Pre-registered Training Programs

Keystones Training
Core training programs for every company

  • Communication (1117258)
  • Communciation Management Strategies (1115008)
  • Customer Relations (1117259)
  • Customer Relations Management Strategies (1115190)
  • Management (1117257)
  • Management Leadership Strategies (1115012)
  • Marketing and Sales (1117260)
  • Marketing and Sales Management Strategies (1118396)
  • Productivity (1117100)
  • Productivity Management Strategies (1115016)

Innovation in Communication
Immersive three-hour training programs

  • Conflict Resolution (1117776)
  • Communication with DISC (1117777)
  • Effective Email Communication (1117856)
  • Generational Communication Styles (1117857)
  • Leadership Team Communication (1117778)
  • Writing for the Workplace (1117779)

Innovation in Customer Relations
Immersive three-hour training programs

  • Active Listening (1117862)
  • Blending Sales and Service (1117858)
  • Building Customer Loyalty (1117864)
  • Building Relationships through Social Media (1117859)
  • Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences (1117863)
  • Managing Challenging Customers (1117861)
  • Turning Mistakes into Opportunity (1117865)

Innovation in Management
Immersive three-hour training programs

  • Coaching for Peak Performance (1117869)
  • Facilitating Productive meetings (1117868)
  • Managing a Multigenerational Workplace (1117866)
  • Managing Difficult Employees (1117867)
  • Problem Solving (1117871)
  • Team Building (1117870)

Innovation in Marketing and Sales
Immersive three-hour training programs

  • Growing Sales through Social Media (1117873)
  • Marketing to the Generations (1117875)
  • Polishing Your Presentation (1118057)
  • PR, Media, and Advertising (1117876)
  • Setting Goals and Measuring Results (1117874)
  • Understanding Your Market (1118397)

Innovation in Productivity
Immersive three-hour training programs

  • Computer Essentials (1117881)
  • Creating Continuous Improvement Culture for Managers (1117878)
  • Microsoft Excel Levels 1, 2, and 3 (1117882, 1117883, & 1117884)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (1118398)
  • Microsoft Word Level 1, 2, and 3 (1117885, 1117886, & 1117887)
  • Moving from Discussions to Decisions (1117880)
  • Process Improvement in Everyday Tasks (1117879)
  • Quickbooks (1117888)
  • Tech Savvy Workplace (1117889)
  • Time & Priority Management (1117877)

Keystones Training

Keystones of Communication (1117258)
12 Training Hours/Cost: $3,600
This training will equip employees with the skills needed to become highly-effective communicators, fostering a language for open communication between individuals, teams, departments and clients. The program will begin with participants learning their own personality profile using a basic DISC assessment. It then provides a solid foundation of essential skills, the support to apply what has been learned and closes with a focus on how to sustain best practices. Employees will have the opportunity to explore their own approach to communication as well as that of their co-workers and supervisors, giving them insight into effectively sharing positive feedback as well as approach challenging topics across all departments, throughout all levels.

Communication Management Strategies (1115008)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
By understanding their own leadership communication style, managers will gain a deeper understanding of their individual communication style which will help them better understand how to connect, manage, motivate, mentor and provide feedback to their teams. Managers will not only enhance their management skills by learning about themselves, but when they understand their staff’s styles, they can become dynamic team leaders. It also allows them to address needs and challenges before they become employee issues or conflicts and will help them bolster employee morale.

Keystones of Customer Relations (1117259)
12 Training Hours/Cost: $3,600
This training will equip your staff with a solid foundation for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Employees will also practice strategies for turning difficult situations into opportunities to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. The program provides a solid foundation of essential skills, the support to apply what has been learned, and closes with a focus on how to sustain best practices. Participants will learn how to improve the quality of customer relations by developing the ability to anticipate needs more accurately and manage challenging customers, creating a climate of trust, appreciation, and cohesion.

Customer Relations Management Strategies (1115190)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Stellar customer service makes a company stand out from its competition and ensures the longevity and profitability of an organization. This senior level training focuses on how to create a culture of service. Managers set the tone on the company’s value of the customer. Participants will learn ways to empower their teams, provide incentives for customer satisfaction and serve as a coach for providing exceptional service. Organizations with a customer service focus increase retention of employees, develop loyal, long term customers, increase revenues and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Keystones of Management (1117257)
12 Training Hours/Cost: $3,600
As companies prepare for and experience success, a solid management team is imperative. This training provides both new and seasoned managers with the expertise needed to lead today’s workforce by offering a foundation of essential skills, the support to apply what has been learned, and closes with a focus on how to sustain best practices. Participants will develop the skills required to motivate employees, delegate responsibility, solve problems, resolve conflict and improve performance. By understanding how to use tools and strategies to positively influence and direct staff, managers can inspire and guide their teams in creating an increasingly positive and productive work environment throughout all departments.

Management Leadership Strategies (1115012)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Senior leadership shoulders a great deal of responsibility, not the least of which is managing the managers. In this advanced level class, executives will develop sophisticated management strategies for coaching and directing the management team. Most companies have highly driven people in management positions as well as employees who are not reaching their full potential. Leaders will be challenged in the session to identify how they can bring individual managers as well as the organization to the next level.

Keystones of Marketing and Sales (1117260)
12 Training Hours/Cost: $3,600
In today’s ultra-competitive quest to stand out from your competition, a solid understanding of marketing and sales has become essential for people throughout an organization. Extraordinary marketing not only builds relationships, but retention and loyalty as well. In this program, participants will learn to develop and execute a strategy that delivers results through a solid foundation of essential skills, the support to apply what has been learned and finally, focusing on how to sustain best practices. This interactive session provides the fundamentals to develop a marketing plan that reaches your target audience using a variety of real world tools.

Marketing and Sales Management Strategies (1118396)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
A solid understand of marketing and sales is crucial to go beyond your competition in building relationships, retention, and even loyalty. In this program, participants will learn how to develop long term strategies that will help them create tasks to keep their teams on track. Participants will also learn how to set goals based on these strategies that will motivate their employees to reach those goals. This interactive session will provide managers and leaders with ways to move the strategy forward through effective communication, incentives, and positive recognition.

Keystones of Productivity (1117100)
12 Training Hours/Cost: $3,600
To build a spirited culture of productivity and innovation, it is valuable to train employees company-wide at all levels and in all functions. The training will cover the fundamental concepts of innovation, continuous improvement and process improvement and will provide tangible procedures and methods that can easily be incorporated into everyday tasks as well major processes. The training provides a solid foundation of essential skills. The next session helps employees apply what they have learned and the final class focuses on how to sustain best practices. Participants will develop skills to become the driving force for continuous improvement by learning to identify opportunities for increased productivity.

Productivity Management Strategies (1115016)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
A successful culture of continuous improvement begins with company leadership and permeates throughout all levels of the organization. In this executive-level program, decision-makers will learn how to evaluate existing roadblocks to efficiency and explore how to implement practical actions. An environment that values employee-driven productivity and efficiency results in a comprehensive company-wide approach to continuous improvement. For companies with a vigorous continuous improvement mindset, this training will help managers develop competence to deploy and manage concepts throughout their areas of responsibility as well as to align process improvement objectives with the strategic plan.

Innovation Training: Communication

Conflict Resolution (1117776)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Conflict and challenges are common in the workplace and few employees at any level are equipped with the knowledge and practical strategies to manage problems when they arise, or even better, to address issues before they become a problem. Conflict effects productivity, customer satisfaction and creates a negative work environment. Building on communication concepts, students will gain insight on why conflict may arise and how to recognize and respond immediately to red flags. They will also learn and practice steps to resolve conflict in a positive manner so to be prepared in any situation.

Communication with DISC (1117777)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
This training program is the perfect way to provide communication training to your entire staff. Employees are faced with a variety of communication challenges daily. Participants learn about the DiSC behavioral styles and how they relate to communication, taking a basic assessment to first learn about their own communication style. They learn how their communication style is similar or different to other styles, exploring where there are natural conflicts and what they can do to better communicate in these situations. Employees who gain communication confidence are more productive on the job, better handle customer requests and build stronger relationships leading to higher revenue and lower turnover.

Effective Email Communication (1117856)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Participants will discuss some of the best tricks and tools for communicating a message in a way that it will be understood and well received which can be particularly challenging in an email. Finding your own voice and understanding your audience will help avoid the pitfalls and misunderstandings that cause negative responses and can cause costly mistakes.
• Improve the professionalism of written communication, providing a polished image to customers as well as co-workers.
• Provide information accurately and effectively to minimize confusion and streamline processes.
• Build ability to compose an email, letter, etc. that encourages team-building and reflects the company values.

Generational Communication Styles (1117857)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
For the first time in history, five generations are active in the workforce. Shaped by the world in which they grew up, these generations bring different perspectives, work ethic and abilities to the workplace. When leaders, managers and co-workers understand the differences, they will be able to communicate and interact in a way that builds cohesion throughout the organization, mitigates conflicts and misunderstandings, encourages positive responses to requests and creates a constructive workplace. Participants can expect to learn the characteristics, values, and communication styles of the different generations and how to use that knowledge to increase productivity, staff retention and overall effectiveness of employees.

Leadership Team Communication (1117778)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
This innovative program guides members of the leadership team as they discuss, explore and practice communication skills with each other, providing a unique opportunity to strengthen the relationships and bridge communication gaps among this group of decision makers. This powerful program will incorporate facilitated exercises and activities that will allow participants to develop confidence in interactions involving both positive and negative feedback and to build on the existing respect and strong relationships. Increasingly open, honest and trusting communication will help the leadership team navigate the changes in the company and industry and embrace the opportunities for continued growth.

Writing for the Workplace (1117779)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
When you sit down to write at work, do you feel confident that your grammar will be correct, your punctuation will be in the right place, your message will be clear – and your boss will be pleased? This course will provide you with the skills you need to answer, “Yes, I can confidently communicate in writing.” Topics will include usage (language, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure). Participants will also discuss some of the best tricks and tools for communicating a message in a way that it will be understood and well received. Employees who understand the art and importance of writing personable, well-crafted correspondence will help develop stronger relationships with co-workers and clients.

Innovation Training: Customer Relations

Active Listening (1117862)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Listening is not just hearing another person but an active process of understanding another person’s viewpoint. In this session, participants define what listening encompasses, what prevents people from actively listening and learn the steps they can take in each interaction to become a better listener. When individuals and teams sharpen their listening skills they can accurately understand the needs of a customer and more quickly provide the service or information needed. This skill also helps streamline the workflow between teams. The customers’ experience is improved and their needs are more
fully and efficiently met.

Blending Sales and Service (1117858)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Building relationships is key when delivering excellent customer service. It is also what helps organizations build sales. Participants will explore effective strategies for blending sales and service by creating positive interaction with those being served, following up in an efficient manner and brainstorm how they can go above and beyond customer expectations so they return and tell others. Since the front-line staff can be key in increasing the bottom line, employees will learn techniques for blending sales and service while engaging all different types of customers. Employees also be equipped with tools for maximizing sales when demand is high and increasing revenue during the slow periods.

Building Customer Loyalty (1117864)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
The focus of this training session will be to identify and explore which service strategies are most impactful in creating loyal, satisfied customers. Practical techniques employees can use to foster a community feel through personal service will be discussed. The group will also evaluate several customer loyalty programs that are easy to implement and manage. How a company approaches customer loyalty efforts will be dependent on their size, industry and seasonality and those factors will be incorporated so the group will leave the class with ideas and an action plan that fits their needs.

Building Relationships through Social Media (1117859)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
The session will focus on both developing a better technical understanding of social media platforms, as well as, how to begin engaging clients and contacts. Participants will begin by exploring how social media platforms can be used, what a professional profile should contain and ways to build a dynamic contact database. Participants will to learn to engage, leverage contacts and connect in a purposeful way. They will also discover simple ways to measure the success of their efforts.

Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences (1117863)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Every day employees have the opportunity to deliver not just basic service but to go one step beyond to deliver extraordinary service. When they do, they create experiences for both internal and external customers that are memorable and create loyal relationships. In this session, participants learn the difference between ordinary and extraordinary service, brainstorm examples of extraordinary service for internal and external customers and learn the practical steps they can take every day to deliver such service.

Managing Challenging Customers (1117861)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Most people are reasonable and with a little effort and tact, they can be served with ease. However, some customers can overwhelm even the most patient people. In this workshop, your staff will learn proven tips and techniques to deal with angry and/or difficult customers. They will also practice a strategy for calming down irate customers while gaining their cooperation. Once you learn how to manage those challenging customers, it will make more of your client-centered experiences easy and rewarding!

Turning Mistakes into Opportunity (1117865)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Everyone makes mistakes, but it is the ability to recognize and address these mistakes and correct the situation that will determine success or failure with the customer. Employees will learn how to demonstrate to the customer an understanding of the impact of the mistake. The group will discuss how to correct the situation in a way that satisfies the client that is also in keeping with scope of the mistake.

Innovation Training: Management

Coaching for Peak Performance (1117869)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
With the daily responsibility senior leadership carries, it is easy to rely on previous or technical skills. In today’s changing market, however, leaders who perpetually define and develop their skills are better able to motivate and build their teams. In this course, participants learn the eight critical leadership skills including trust, communication, strategic thinking, problem solving, delegation, motivation, coaching, team development, and meeting management. They develop self-awareness of their strengths and opportunities in each area. With this knowledge, they also can develop skills of their team ultimately motivating them to excel.

Facilitating Productive Meetings (1117868)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Studies show that we spend between 35-50% of our time in meetings. When meetings are not run well, much of this time is wasted. In this program, participants will learn the tactics required to keep a meeting focused and productive. The discussion will move beyond setting an agenda and address what to do with distractions, members who do not participate and how to engage even the most fidgety team member. In addition, we will explore alternatives to the traditional meeting. Participants will leave feeling more confident that their meetings will be an asset to their company, not a liability and will:
• Understand the role of effective meetings
• Identify barriers to effective meetings
• Learn to set realistic agendas
• Learn to handle distractions

Managing a Multigenerational Workplace (1117866)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Once managers are aware of generational motivations, values and characteristics of their team, they need to learn how to apply this knowledge. Students will discuss real-world case studies, participate in role plays and develop comfort and confidence in different stylistic approaches. Managers will be prepared to avoid and when necessary, resolve challenges and engage their staff in a way that will encourage high-level, consistent performance and a positive work environment.

Managing Difficult Employees (1117867)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
In this session, participants learn the steps for managing conflict and creating a win-win end result when working with or supervising a challenging person. We discuss techniques of removing the personal from a situation to focus on the root cause and behavior. The class will role play how to respond to inappropriate or unwelcome behavior as well as how to prepare for and conduct a meeting with an under-performing or disruptive employee. The need for and best practices for documenting issues will be covered. We conclude with techniques for identifying potential conflict areas in order to become more proactive in avoiding or reducing conflict in the workplace.

Problem Solving (1117871)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Who among us hasn't been frustrated by sticky problems - annoying, resistant, frustrating problems that keep returning, yet we take one more shot at solution finding using the same thinking strategies? Participants will be engaged in interactive activities to give a better understanding of how our heads work when we think critically and creatively. How we choose to state or represent a problem in its most powerful form is the key to breakthrough solution finding. In small teams, we will share problems (sticky ones) of interest in the workplace, as a basis for practicing the application of specific problem-finding and problem-solving strategies.

Setting Goals and Measuring Results (1117874)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Strategic plans, and their associated goals and tactics, provide a critical foundation for business planning. Establishing an objective data driven measurement process, with relevant key performance indicators, is an important part of determining the efficacy of an individual's and/or the company’s goals and objectives. Goals need to be focused and obtainable in the short term and also address long-term challenges and opportunities.

Team Building (1117870)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Teams are a staple in today's workplace and those who are effectively led contribute substantially to the overall success of the organization. Today’s most successful leaders need to understand the dynamics of a forming team, how things are perceived cross culturally, and how to motivate and communicate with four different generations in the workplace. This comprehensive class provides participants the skills, tools and resources required to become effective team leaders and invaluable contributors. By identifying personal biases, individuals can better understand their co-workers, and then dive deep into understanding team dynamics, goal setting and how to lead their teams through change.

Innovation Training: Marketing and Sales


Growing Sales through Social Media (1117873)
3 Training Hours/Cost: $900
Your organization’s social media strategy needs to be more than the occasional post on social sites. You need to build and execute targeted marketing plans that engage your audience in order to achieve the sales goals set by your business. This program is designed to give all who attend the tools, resources and experience they need to implement, measure and refine a social media marketing program that increases customer and potential customer engagement – and ultimately revenue.

Marketing to the Generations (1117875)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
In this day and age, you must be able to communicate to multiple age groups. Because the generations communicate differently, it is important not to default to one style, especially when it comes to marketing and specifically social media. In this session, we will uncover the differences in the generations that affect not only how they communicate, but also how they perceive messages. We will then take the knowledge to social media to explore how to build communities that resonate with targeting generations.

Polishing Your Presentation (1118057)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Effective communication is at the core of every successful business presentation. We use verbal and non-verbal communication skills in all that we do. For a successful presentation, either in the boardroom or on the sales floor, it is important to monitor your personal characteristics such as voice, eye contact, mannerisms and expression. Practice, preparation and experience breeds confidence, leading to polished presentations. The topics will include the following:
1) Determine which presentation method is best suited for your audience.
2) Learn how to prepare for an effective presentation.
3) Practice presentation skills and get class feedback.

PR, Media, and Advertising (1117876)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Learn about the basic steps of a public relations campaign, including press releases, guest articles and blogs, business profiles, interviews, and leveraging it through social media.

Understanding Your Market (1118397)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
This course will teach participants the ins and outs of target marketing. A target market is a group of consumers most likely to buy your product or use your services, so it only makes sense to focus some of your attention on them. Are you looking for a particular type of client? Participants will learn how to determine what types of clients they want and how to target them through effective marketing and sales efforts. This course is ideal for those looking to expand their reach and bring in more clientele.

Innovation Training: Productivity


Computer Essentials (1117881)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Building the computer skill level and, in turn, the confidence of employees will allow them to be more efficient in their work. These highly interactive, hands-on sessions will help your staff understand and distinguish between the components of computer operating systems including using the keyboard, mouse, printers, and much more. Participants will learn the basics of working in Microsoft Windows such as understanding the desk top and start menu, creating and saving a document, and folder and file management.

Creating Continuous Improvement Culture for Managers (1117878)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900 each
A successful culture of continuous improvement begins with company leadership and permeates throughout all levels of the organization, empowering employees to participate in process improvements that impact operations, customer service and financial performance. In this executive-level program, decision-makers will learn how to evaluate existing roadblocks to efficiency and explore how to implement practical actions. In an environment that values employee-driven productivity and efficiency, leaders emerge from all levels of the company, resulting in a comprehensive company-wide approach to continuous improvement.

Microsoft Excel Levels 1, 2, and 3 (1117882, 1117883, & 1117884)
6 Training Hours/ Cost: $1,800 each
To best fit the training content to the skill level of employees, CCAPE offers a tri-level training program for Microsoft Excel. Each level is a six-hour program. The approach to training is hands-on and interactive. Content of each level will be designed so the course may be taken separately or employees may start with Level 1 and build their competency as they go through each program.

Level 1
This hands-on class will focus on the logic and power of this powerful program. Students will learn not only the basics, but several tips and tricks available to allow the creation of spreadsheets in a fraction of the time. This interactive session is recommended for all levels. Attendees will be able to create a basic spreadsheet with formulas and functions in less than three minutes. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
• Types of Input
• Writing Simple Formulas
• Writing Simple Functions
• Formatting in a Flash
• Functions in Excel
• Cell Referencing
• Creating and Linking Multiple sheets in a workbook
• Creating Charts
• Writing reports and letters that are used in an employee’s role

Level 2
This hands-on session will explore additional formulas and functions and address absolute verse relative cell referencing, multiple worksheets and displaying of data using charts. This interactive session is appropriate for users that need to customize their worksheets, present data through charts, and/or develop long-range spreadsheets for data tracking. Attendees will learn how to expand their knowledge and use of functions and creation of charts. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
• Functions in Excel
• Cell Referencing
• Creating and Linking Multiple sheets in a workbook
• Creating Charts

Level 3

This hands-on session will focus on data sorting, pivot tables, and extracting, joining and controlling data. This interactive session is appropriate for advanced users that work with large amounts of data on a regular basis. Attendees will learn how to use Excel to improve their ability to work with large amounts of data. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:
• Filtering and Sorting Data
• Preparing Data for Creating a Pivot Table
• Inserting and Using a Pivot Table
• Using Other Data Tools (data validation, controlling calculations, etc.)

Microsoft PowerPoint (1118398)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. In the first three hours of the course, time will be spent on how the essential functions of the software work. The second half will focus on ways to use the program to create impressive presentations.

Microsoft Word Level 1, 2, and 3 (1117885, 1117886, & 1117887)
6 Training Hours/ Cost: $1,800 each
To best fit the training content to the skill level of employees, CCAPE offers a tri-level training program for Microsoft Word. Each level is a six-hour program. The approach to training is hands-on and interactive. Content of each level will be designed so the course may be taken separately or employees may start with Level 1 and build their competency as they go through each program.

Level 1
Level 1 classes will build confidence and teach core skills. Skills that will be covered include, but are not limited to:
• Writing reports and letters that are used in an employee’s role
• Adding, moving through and editing text
• Moving words from one part of a document to another
• Changing margins and tab settings

Level 2
Level 2 will focus on mastering more complex functions. Skills that will be covered include, but are not limited to:
• Using tools such as the grammar checker, spell checker and thesaurus
• Using save, retrieve, copy, organize & print their documents
• Setting up easily navigated file folders/systems
• Creating mail merge documents
• Inserting hyperlinks

Level 3
Level 3 classes will encourage students to discover innovative ways to use the software to streamline their work. Skills that will be covered include, but are not limited to:
• Creating Newsletters
• Creating, editing and formatting tables
• Sorting and filtering data in a table
• Creating subtotals in tables
• Learning how other programs interact with Word

Moving from Discussions to Decisions (1117880)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Decision making is a crucial skill for anyone in a management position to move a team toward solutions. Challenges arise when the objective isn’t clear, the environment is chaotic, there is too much analysis or there is not buy-in from the team. In this session, participants learn what constitutes effective decision making, engage with tools to help move decisions forward and begin to apply the tools to build their skill level. The result of implementing a management level decision making program is faster more effective decisions and increased motivation of the team.

Process Improvement in Everyday Tasks (1117879)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
A company on a journey of continuous improvement depends on employees to identify areas for process improvement and to implement those improvements in simple everyday tasks as well as in major processes. Individual support of a long-term approach to continuous improvement is critical. Employees from all company functions must have a clear understanding of the concepts of continuous improvement, their roles and its impacts on company’s strategy.

QuickBooks (1117888)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
Learn how QuickBooks can help you track your accounts, receipts, statements, payables, inventory, and receivables. QuickBooks is designed for small to mid-sized businesses that want to use effective software with a traditional approach to accounting. Attention to details and well organized books can have a significant impact on your business's bottom line.

Tech Savvy Workplace (1117889)
3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900
When employees understand how the suite of tools in Outlook, Google and other platforms integrate with one another, they learn the secrets for simplifying workflow. In this hands-on, practical 6-hour workshop, students will learn to use technology as a powerful resource to streamline tasks, improve communication, move projects forward and increase personal productivity. This concision but impactful session is useful to all employees in all roles and at all levels. Individuals and teams will begin using the tools and encouraging each other to use them which will lead to a tech savvy workplace culture. Many employers offer this training in conjunction with Time and Priority Management classes.

Time & Priority Management (1117877)

3 Training Hours/ Cost: $900  
In today’s 24/7 world, it is more important than ever to understand how to manage time in order to be more productive. High performing individuals are able to tackle challenges, streamline systems and minimize stress. In this program, participants will reframe their notions of how to manage time. By understanding topics such as procrastination, prioritization and workload, employees are better able to handle what is before them and communicate what is working and where they may require assistance.