Why The Center for Corporate and Professional Education?


Top Three Reasons to Continue Your Education Through Cape Cod Community College:

  1. Earn a Higher Salary.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the more training and education you complete, the more money you will earn. 
  2. Become More Marketable.  Going back to school is an excellent way to demonstrate to employers that you are committed to your career and ongoing professional development.  By continuing to invest in your education, you are sending a powerful message to employers demonstrating you are committed to refining existing skills and acquiring new ones that increase your long-term value.
  3. Advance Your Career.  If you are considering a career change, one of the best ways to learn about a potential field is through a non-credit course.  You will better understand what the new career entails and learn how to apply your current skill set in a new position.


For employers, The Center for Corporate and Professional Education can assess, design, and deliver customized affordable training for your organization. Past training programs have included customer satisfaction, leadership training, certifications in OSHA, Social Media, ServeSafe©, and other custom areas requested by our clients.

We have a proven track record of providing professional development to area businesses, nonprofits, and municipal organizations. We will customize training for your organization because we believe a well-trained workforce is the most critical factor to your success and growth.

Customization is our specialty, think of us as a college without walls. We will assess your training needs and, using our own faculty or special consultants, design a course or workshop that specifically addresses your needs. 

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