Small Business Educational Series  

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner in need of educational programs to help you succeed?

The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College is offering affordable low-cost seminars, resources, and networking opportunities for small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs; sponsored by Eastern Bank.

Fall 2017 Small Business Workshop Schedule (view brochure pdf)

Offered from 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Workshop offered from 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour from 10am-11am of small group coaching with speaker/instructor. 

Cost: FREE! Light breakfast provided. 
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Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis.

R.E.A.L. Clarity ~ Why Leadership through Mentorship Fosters Success!
Wed. 9/6/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am.
Speaker/Instructor: Melissa Murphy
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience: Individuals and Organizations curious to see how and why highly successful people move from current circumstances to a bigger vision of success.

This workshop is designed to empower individuals and organizations to experience the value of purposeful mentorship. A successful Mentor/Mentee relationship may be mutually defined by those that seize opportunities to learn, lead and grow. We will encourage participation to show every voice adds value in all learning and growing experiences.

About the Speaker: Melissa Murphy, Insight of Success, LLC. Your R.E.A.L. Clarity Consultant,
Speaker, Certified Coach, & Teacher.

As a Co-Founder of their family owned business, Melissa and her husband Ryan, created, Insight of Success, LLC, a Professional Speaking, Coaching & Teaching Company with the simple concept in mind, to inspire individuals and empower organizations to success. Melissa’s work covers a global footprint, focusing her time on key-note speaking engagements as well as personal & group coaching, and bringing leadership & personal development events throughout the country.

She found her purpose and passion when she invested in her own personal development. She embraces learning not just by reading a book, but by taking action, being part of, learning from, and working with world renowned change masters such as Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Dr. John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins & Brendan Burchard.

Melissa helps others to design and achieve awareness of their possibilities for richer, more fulfilling, meaningful, and successful lives; both personally and professionally. R.E.A.L. Clarity is all about Relationships, Equipping, Attitude and Leadership. Gaining more clarity about them will allow you to grow and gain an awareness of all your possibilities to Be, Do, and Have anything you desire!

Today Melissa no longer “exists”, she speaks and lives from her personal experiences knowing that her “why” is the true essence of her purpose; “helping others to realize their personal definition of success.” Getting R.E.A.L with yourself allows you to grow personally and professionally no matter your current circumstances.


Change the Process, not the People... See Bottom Line Changes  
Tues. 9/19/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am.
Speaker/Instructor: Irene Mauch
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience:
Business owners or senior leaders interested in improving their customer’s experience and the organization’s success.

The topic of “Process Thinking” as a critical component of Leadership isn’t often discussed in the small business sector, yet it’s a core characteristic of a sustainable + growth business model. While not a sexy topic like branding or a hot new app, process thinking & project work impacts every organization’s bottom line -- in every department, every day of the week-- with a cumulative effect!

This dynamic workshop is designed to expand your perspective of the people, processes and resources that impact your ability to deliver a quality product and service that customers value. Participants will learn the principles of process thinking and how to create a culture of continuous improvement based on cross-functional teams.

About the Speaker: Irene Mauch, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and award-winning operations and marketing expert is the Principal of The Mauch Group, a business process improvement firm.

Raised in Indiana, she earned a B.S. In Industrial Management from Purdue University and began a lifelong interest in empowering others to work better. Her multidisciplinary background in management, IT and marketing, facilitated her early business successes with Buick Motor Division and The Boston Globe.

For over 30 years she has helped organizations define and build better processes through strategic project management. A key element to her approach is fostering a process improvement and project management mentality at every level of the organization. She’s led product development and process redesigned projects in a span of profit and nonprofit industries impacting bottom-line results in Finance, Production, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing. Like many of you, Irene knows the strain of juggling “special projects” and your “day job”.

Having worked in an array of industries ranging from the federal government to a small writers’ group, Irene’s interactive training is based on real-life situations as well as PMI and LEAN methodology. While her education and experience are key, most importantly its Irene’s demeanor and passion for helping and sharing knowledge that enables the people around her to achieve their “successes”. She brings a practical, easy-to-implement approach to project management that can be implemented immediately on any size work project and your daily life too!

The Secrets of Managing Different Generations in the Workplace
Tues. 10/10/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am.
Speaker/Instructor: Jen Vondenbrink
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience: Business owners, senior leaders, and managers/supervisors. 

For the first time in history, four generations are active in the profit and nonprofit workforce. Shaped by the world in which they grew up, these four generations bring different perspectives, work ethic and abilities to learn to the workplace. All of this can create conflict, breakdowns in communication and decreased productivity. Leaders and managers must be able to understand the differences not only to communicate to their teams in a relevant fashion, but also to motivate and manage them.

In this session participants can expect to learn:

  • The characteristics, values, and communication styles of the different generations.
  • Why traditional management practices are not always effective across generations.
  • The secret to effectively managing multiple generations. It’s simpler than you think.

About the Speaker: Jen Vondenbrink is a nationally recognized authority on moving people outside their comfort zone. From her career with Starbucks Coffee Company, she learned coloring inside the lines isn't always a formula for growth. Today she engages individuals and companies ready for change through her consulting business Life Simplified Business Solutions and as a Corporate Trainer for The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College. She is also the co-author of the recently published, In Search of Customers.

Managing the Small Business Supply Chain:
A Focus on Construction
Wed. 10/25/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am.
Speaker/Instructor: Richard Weissman
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience: Business owners, senior leaders, and managers/supervisors in the construction industry.

Improve the operational and financial performance of your construction business by dynamically managing your supply chain. Transform your contractors and sub-contractors into high performing suppliers! Effectively and efficiently manage their performance by applying innovative supply chain management techniques and processes adapted for use in the construction industry. Vigorous supply chain management, in any sized business, leads to greater operational success, reduced costs, higher customer satisfaction and improved financial performance. The supply chains of small businesses are as critical to a company’s success as those in larger firms. Smaller companies often lack a comprehensive strategy to maximize their inter-firm relationships, including managing multi-level supplier performance and customer interactions. This session will allow small and growing businesses to take steps in transitioning their supply chain operations from an administrative chore to an active management process, essential to remaining competitive and relevant in today’s complex business environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a long-term supply chain management strategy that will scale with your business and be relevant to your industry
  • Strengthen the link between supplier performance and customer satisfaction 

  • Develop the proper quantitative and qualitative metrics to manage and gain control over all levels of suppliers
  • Increase relationship centered communication throughout the supplier community
  • Model customer service requirements throughout the supply chain
  • Identify the future trends in supply chain management that will have a direct impact on your 

About the Speaker: Rich Weissman, an experienced supply chain management professional and educator, works with early stage companies and small businesses to create scalable and sustainable supply chain strategies. His areas of expertise include creating strategic sourcing plans, managing and improving supplier performance, supplier evaluation and selection, project management, contract negotiation and administration, supplier communications, and transportation and logistics management. Weissman teaches operations management, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, strategy and policy, and managerial economics for Endicott College, Northeastern University and Lesley University. He has more than twenty-five years of practical experience in all facets of procurement and supply chain management for Boston area high technology manufacturers. He is past president of the Purchasing Management Association of Boston (ISM-GB) and the recipient of the Harry J. Graham Memorial Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Association. Weissman holds an MS in Management from Lesley University and a BA in Economics from Rutgers University. He writes and speaks extensively on issues impacting the global supply chain.  


Managing the Non Profit Using The Operating Model Canvas
Wed. 11/15/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am. 
Speaker/Instructor: Marc L. Goldberg
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience: Non Profit Leaders

This interactive workshop will explore a fresh approach to planning and managing the nonprofit “enterprise” by adopting the Operating Model Canvas approach. This one page methodology to planning focuses on 9 building blocks: Value Proposition, Stakeholder segments, Customer, Beneficiaries and Stakeholder relationships, Channels to reach customer segments, Key activities, Resources and Partners and Revenue and Expenses. Participants will take away a tool to use with staff, board and beneficiaries to build stronger non profit teams.

About the Speaker: Marc L. Goldberg, Certified Mentor, SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands Chapter #225

As a retired seasoned executive, during the past four decades, he has worked in all facets of domestic and international marketing, strategic & business planning and General Management. His focus has been attainable performance improvement through training and measurement. For almost 30 years his company, Marketech360 specialized in exhibitor staff training and measuring exhibitor results at trade shows and events.

As a SCORE Mentor, Marc serves start-ups, small businesses wanting to grow and strategic planning for nonprofits.

He is the author of Small Doesn’t Mean Second Rate, Exhibiting in Mexico, Measurement Made Easy, and The Future of Healthcare Exhibit is Learning. Marc launched his ebook, Strategic Trade Show Success in 2016. In 2017, he published, for SCORE, Tips from SCORE.


Providing Stellar Customer Service
Tues. 12/12/2017; 8:30am-10am with an additional, optional hour of small group coaching offered from 10am-11am.
Speaker/Instructor: Dianne Klayman
Cost: FREE
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Target Audience: Customer Service Providers who want to improve their skills in order to satisfy customers and ensure their long term loyalty as well as managers who want customer service training in order to reinforce their skills and train their teams.

Imagine if you could communicate with more clarity, tact, and finesse, even under pressure - and with difficult customers. Have you ever wondered how some service providers are able to do that while others are not? Have you ever wished that you were one of the ones that could?

Difficult people and situations can be encountered daily. The ability to manage each situation effectively so that both the customer and the service provider can feel positive about the interaction is a challenge to us all. The Providing Stellar Customer Service Training is designed to introduce a variety of skills and techniques, which will help the service provider deal effectively with difficult customers as well as manage their own responses to the situation or the person.

What You Will Learn: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of providing stellar customer service
  • Recognize the difference between internal and external customers
  • Identify customer’s needs, wants and expectations (even the unspoken ones)
  • Depersonalize negative responses
  • Master the subtle communication techniques that make the difference between a positive customer relationship and a tense one, including specific words and phrases to use and which ones to avoid
  • Deescalate potentially volatile situations
  • Manage conflict resulting in a win-win for all

About the Speaker: Dianne Klayman has over 25 years’ experience in leadership and organizational development assessing departmental needs; designing and delivering various programs in both public and private sectors some of which include Polaroid Corporation, The City of Cambridge, Massport Authority, Ropes and Gray, Brandeis University, and Benchmark Senior Living. Training programs include but are not limited to effective communication, conflict negotiation giving effective presentations, advanced leadership development training, management mentoring, behavioral interviewing and providing stellar customer service. Dianne holds a BA in Education from the University of Massachusetts as well as a MSW from Boston College School of Social Work; certifications as a Myers-Briggs Type Instrument, Leadership 2000 and Situational Leadership Instructor; and in addition Dianne is a Mass certified meditator and continued to advance her training in this area by attending Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation.