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Social Media Marketing Courses


Facebook and Instagram

Dates: Thurs. 9/13-9/20/2018; 8:30am-11am (2 sessions)
Location: Plymouth (exact location TBD)
Instructor: Tricia White
Course Code: WIT090-75

Cost: $69
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Pre-requisite: Participants must have a personal Facebook, a business Facebook, and an Instagram account prior to the start of class.  

Social media engagement is very important for small businesses. As we enter 2018, we don't see any new networks coming as much as we see networks changing and expanding. Two networks (owned by the same company) have become a leader for engaging with people and that is Facebook and Instagram. Join us for this 5-hour program to learn more about:

  • Building, engaging and using your personal Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Discuss all the functioning parts of a Facebook Business and an Instagram Business account
  • Working strategies for Facebook and Instagram
  • Facebook and Instagram algorithms and insights
  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Shopping on social networks
  • Mobile apps that to make marketing easier
  • Time for hands-on implementation

LinkedIn and Twitter 

Dates: Tues. 9/18-9/25/2018; 8:30am-11am (2 sessions)
Location: Plymouth (exact location TBD)
Instructor: Tricia White
Course Code: WIT091-75

Cost: $69
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Pre-requisite: Participants must have a LinkedIn and Twitter account prior to the start of class.

Business platforms have been growing steadily over the past 5 years. LinkedIn has transformed itself into a leading business platform with Twitter providing the opportunity to share and discuss many types of articles, news and up to the minute happenings. In this 5-hour program we will discuss:

  • LinkedIn as a personal, professional business portfolio
  • Examine all the features of the network in a personal capacity
  • The importance of a LinkedIn Business page
  • Strategies for search and data mining
  • Mobile apps to move you through the network
  • Building a Twitter profile
  • Pros and Cons of business vs personal accounts
  • Creating engagement on the network
  • Engaging on Twitter
  • Strategies for likes, followers and shares

Building a Structured Social Media Strategy to Achieve Results

9/20/2018; 1-5pm (1 session)
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Instructor: Tricia White
Course Code: WIT119-65

Cost: $79
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Social media managers today need to do more than post interesting articles on social sites. They need to build targeted marketing plans that engage their audience while achieving the goals of the businesses and nonprofits they serve.

This program is designed to give all who attend the tools, resources and experience they need to develop and implement a social media marketing program in their organization.

Introduction to Online Advertising using Google AdWords

Dates: Thurs. 10/18-10/25/2018; 6-8pm (2 sessions)
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Instructor: Dave DeBlasio
Course Code: WIT163-65

Cost: $99
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Learn how to compete on the same level with large brands and companies by differentiating your business through the use of Google AdWords.

We'll explore how to setup localized Google Ad campaigns that will translate to new business for you and/or your clients. You'll learn how to organize your campaigns so that you show the most relevant headlines to people who are searching for different categories of products and services within your business. You'll learn how to create click-to-call buttons, site-link extensions and how to separate your business from the competition.

We'll also learn how to measure your ads' performance, how to use Google Analytics to track results and learn how to improve your ads based on data.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Dates: Thurs. 10/25-11/1/2018; 5:30-8:30pm (2 sessions)
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Instructor: Tricia White
Course Code: WIT088-65

Cost: $69
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The Social Media Marketing for Beginners course offers a hands-on, step-by-step, learning opportunity for individuals looking to start building their social media presence across all of the top social networks.


Developing A Social Media Culture - Onsite Customized Training Option

Let us train your staff! Social media success grows when there is engagement throughout the organization. The core of this custom training option is comprised of two tracks: Executive Team, focusing on big picture goals; and Tactical Team, geared towards implementation and workflow. An opening and closing session brings both groups together to ensure synchronicity in the ongoing social media plan. This targeted training will enhance your social media and online footprint. 

For information on corporate and small business customized training options,
contact Michelle Constantino at
 or 508.364.0923.