Drinking Water Distribution and Treatment Education

Concepts and Practices of Basic Drinking Water Treatment (T2) (WET082-67) 
Registration deadline: 9/6/2017.
Wed. 9/13-12/13/2017; 5:30-9pm, 12 sessions (no class 11/22 or 12/6)
Location: Cape Cod Community College, 2240 Iyannough Road, West Barnstable
Cost: $829
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This state-approved course is offered in partnership by Massachusetts Water Works Association (MWWA). The Basic Water Treatment course is designed to provide the student with the general concepts of drinking water treatment operations.

Emphasis will be on proper chemical application, regulations, laboratory analysis, safety, and electrical and mechanical equipment.

An introduction of topics covering hydrology, hydrologic cycle, potable water sources and use, treatment technologies, and administration will be provided.

Participants will learn required information and critical thought processes involved in understanding the successful operation and maintenance of drinking water treatment systems. Through a combination of lecture and group discussion, each topic will be reviewed and discussed in depth.

Basic Math Knowledge is required for this course. If you are not comfortable with math concepts you should consider taking a math course before taking this course.

Certificate of Completion
Massachusetts Water Works Association will sign a State-Approved Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of this course.

To pass this course you need to attend 10 out of the 12 sessions, including the mid-term and final, plus gain a minimum of 70 points which is achieved through a combination of attendance, homework, mid-term and final exam grades.

Did You Know?
As of January 2012, in order to sit for the State drinking water exams (D2-D4; T2, T3-T4), the Massachusetts Board of Certification of Operators of Drinking Water Supply Facilities established new training requirements. To sit for the T2 exam, individuals must take and pass the Concepts and Practices of Basic Drinking Water Treatment. There are other required courses for those seeking Drinking Water Distribution or Advanced Treatment (T3, T4) licenses.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Any individual presently working in the drinking water treatment field who would like to pursue career advancement by taking the T1 or T2 exams. (The course is required for T2 exam. It is not required for T1, but will provide a good background for it.)
  • Any individual seeking a new career in the drinking water treatment field, who has a High School Diploma or GED and who enjoys hands-on work, problem-solving, and mechanical tasks.

Book Information
This course will utilize California State University at Sacramento—Office of Water Programs Series entitled Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volumes I and II (if you already own these texts you do not need to purchase them). In addition, it is suggested that students consider purchasing the American Water Works Association (AWWA’s) Field Guide to SDWA Regulations (this can be purchased from AWWA.

Concepts & Practices of Basic Drinking Water Treatment EXM-2012-06
Textbooks not included in cost (Additional $122)

Payment & Refund Policy
Full payment for all non-credit courses must be made at time of enrollment, with the exception of courses over $500. If the following conditions are met, a payment plan may be allowed.

  • Total course cost is $500 or more.
  • A deposit of ½ of the total course cost is due at time of enrollment.
  • Payment schedule will be determined by business office.
  • Course full payment is received no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled course end date.

All Payment plans are subject to the approval of the Director of Workforce Development and Training. For more information, please contact Tammi Jacobsen at 508.375.5011.

If you withdraw from a workshop/course at least one week before the first meeting, you will receive a 100% refund. No refund is given for withdrawals made less than one week before the course starts. If The Center for Corporate and Professional Education cancels a course, you receive 100% refund of all fees.