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The Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College offers dental programs for dental assistants and licensed hygienists. 

Local Anesthesia Certificate Online for Registered Dental Hygienists

ONLINE - Course Start Date: April 4, 2020 
Registration Deadline: March 27, 2020

Course Dates: ONLINE 4/4/20-5/30/20
Course Code: WHD002-66
Instructor: Denise Bridges

Lab Course Code: WHD002L-66
Lab Dates: Sat./Sun., 5/16, 5/17 & 5/30; 8am-5pm
Lab Location: Wilkins Family Dental Hygiene Clinic

Cost: $1199

This course will provide a comprehensive study of local dental anesthetics utilized in the dental hygiene profession. During lecture and lab components, the participant will learn to safely administer topical and local dental anesthetics.

Course # WHD002 is taught in two phases, and includes 11 hours of on-line pre-study exercises
and assignments, 12 hours of on-site didactic instruction, and 14 hours of on-site clinical instruction. It is specifically designed to provide the participant with the 35 hours of local anesthesia instruction required to prepare the participant to take the NERB Local Anesthesia Examination and obtain the “Permit L” Local Anesthesia licensure from the State of Massachusetts. (This course covers the Massachusetts Rules and Regulations 234 CMR 3.09-3.14, and the requirements for administration of local dental anesthetics by dental hygienists.)

Fee: The fee for each course listed above is $1,199.00 per person. The course is limited to 14 participants.

Payment may be made by check (made payable to Cape Cod Community College) or credit card at the time of registration. At the close of registration (deadline date), and once payment is received, participants will be notified by mail or e-mail and given his/her login name and password. This process may take several days. After receiving this information, the student will have access to the on-line pre-study course material.

Pre-Course Requirements (Documentation of the first four items is required prior to the start of the on site course):

  1. Current CPR certification*
  2. Proof of immunity to HBV by titer test*
  3. Personal Malpractice insurance coverage*
  4. Current state licensure*
  5. A medical history form is provided online and must be completed prior to attending this course.
  6. Each participant must be able to both receive and administer local anesthetic agents. These are standard requirements for all clinical activities.

*Copies must be sent to the following address prior to the start of the course:
Denise Bridges RDH, MHA
Dental Hygiene Program
Cape Cod Community College
2240 Iyannough Road
W. Barnstable, MA 02668

Online Pre-Study Expectations: This condensed course format reduces a full-semester course into 3 days of class attendance; therefore an online pre-study component is required. Extensive time must be devoted to the pre-study readings and video viewing in order to complete the additional 11 hours of exercises and assignments to successfully complete this course. The online pre-study preparation contains tests and exercises that must be completed prior to attending the on-site lecture and clinical sessions. Students are expected to have internet access, basic computing and web skills in order to complete this course. Registration is required at least 5 weeks prior to the on-site course starting date in order to allow access to the pre-study course material.

Certification: At the completion of this on-site course, participants will take a mock written NERB exam, and a clinical practicum which is pass or fail. One must receive a grade of 75 or better in the written exam combined with a pass clinical grade in order to receive certification of completion for local anesthesia training. A certificate of completion will not be issued to anyone with less than three full days of attendance; and / or has not satisfactorily completed the on-line or on-site course work requirements.

Required Text: Stanley Malamed, Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6th Edition (available at CCCC bookstore).

Recommended Reading: Brand & Isselhard, Anatomy of Orofacial Structures
(available at CCCC bookstore).

To be completed prior to the on-site course:

  • Exercises and reading in the Moodle pre-study component. (Printed from Moodle pre-study material).
  • Pre-test multiple choice questions.
  • Review text and video according the Moodle course documents: Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6th Ed. by Stanley Malamed

What to bring to class:

  • Completed Medical History (Printed from Moodle pre- study material).
  • Completed Informed Consent (Printed from Moodle pre- study material).
  • Clinic attire (long sleeve scrub top, scrub pants and clinical shoes). 
  • Safety Glasses
  • Latex-free Gloves
  • Face Masks
  • Bring online self-study workbook and all injections techniques, (printed from Moodle pre-study material).

Registration Process:
Download and complete our registration form. Payment may be made by check (made out to Cape Cod Community College) or credit card. At the close of registration (deadline date), and once payment is received, participants will be notified by mail or e-mail and given his/her login name and password. This process may take several days. After receiving this information, the student will have access to the online pre-study course material.

It is strongly recommended that you register at least one month prior to onsite course dates as it may take up to one month to complete the on-line pre-study course work.

Refund Policy:
Please read our registration and refund policy before registering for classes. 

Please contact Denise Bridges by e-mail,, or by phone, 508.362.2131 x4733, with questions about this course. 

Students are eligible for 35 CEUs (11 for online portion and 24 for lab portion of the course). 

Resources for professional liability insurance:

  1. Healthcare Providers Service Organization – or 800.982.9491
  2. Chicago Insurance Company (Affiliated with ADHA) – or 800.503.9230


Local Anesthesia Refresher for Registered Dental Hygienists: A Hands on Review

Dates: Sun., 6/13/20; 1-4pm, 1 session
Location: CCCC Dental Lab, 2240 Iyannough Rd, West Barnstable
Instructor: Denise Bridges
Course Code: WHD007-62
Cost: $219

Register by calling Mary Conklin, Program Coordinator at 508-375-5010. 

If you are a RDH with a Permit L and would like to have faculty oversee your injection techniques, this class is for you! We will review maxillary and mandibular nerve blocks. Specific injection techniques will be determined by participants. The goal of this course is to become more comfortable with injection techniques that you have already learned, or to troubleshoot any barriers you have encountered. This course will include three hours of clinical instruction.

The course will review and refresh the skills and knowledge required for the safe and effective administration of local anesthesia for pain control, and provides an overview of the Permit L certification course. Participants will learn how to select appropriate anesthetic agents, prepare local anesthetic equipment, and practice sharps safety. Anatomical landmarks for each injection will be located on a skull and attendees will practice hands on standard injection techniques.

*This course is a review and is not intended to satisfy the requirements to obtain the Permit L.

Required Forms:

In order to participate you must have your Massachusetts Permit L, and sit as a patient for this hands-on course.

*Once enrolled please submit the following copies of documentation: RDH license, CPR certification, Permit L, medical history (pdf), and consent form (pdf).

Email documentation to
*Massachusetts Dental Hygiene License and Permit L required for course participation.


1. Identify head and neck structures involved in maxillary and mandibular injection techniques
2. Identify the nerves involved in achieving local anesthesia
3. Review the pharmacology of local anesthetics and vasoconstrictors
4. Prepare the basic armamentarium for delivering local anesthesia
5. Review sharps safety and needle stick prevention
6. Review of the a-traumatic injection technique
7. Deliver hands-on injection techniques for local anesthesia administration

What to bring to class:

• Completed Medical History
• Completed Informed Consent
• Clinic attire (long sleeve scrub top, scrub pants and clinical shoes)
• Safety Glasses
• Latex-free Gloves
• Face Masks

Onsite Course:

All classes will be held in the Dental Hygiene Clinic located in the Wilkins Building, ground floor room G8.

It is strongly recommended that you register at least one month prior to on-site course dates. 

Enrollment or Questions: Please call 508-375-5010. Ask for course # WHD007. Please include the course dates and semester when registering. Also include your e-mail address in the registration information.

Class size is limited to 9 participants.

This course is offered based on number of students interested. Please contact Mary Conklin, Program Coordiantor, at 508-375-5010 to be added to our wait list.


Radiation Health and Safety Review and Current Guidelines for Dental Assistants

 Date: Winter/Spring 2020 (exact date TBD)
Location: Cape Cod Community College, 2240 Iyannough Road, West Barnstable
Instructor: Barbara Sheerin

Cost: $189

Register Now

This course is designed to assist the experienced dental assistant with course content and study guidance as one of the many resources available that may be used for test preparation.

Course Objectives - The student will be able to:

  • Discuss the techniques of radiation exposure for extraoral and intraoral exposures
  • Identify technique/processing errors and discuss how to remedy the error
  • Describe safety measures for the patient and operator
  • Describe infection control measures that are necessary in the radiation exposure technique
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of conventional film processing
  • Discuss mounting techniques and recognize normal anatomy upon a radiograph
  • Discuss patient management techniques
  • Describe test taking strategies for success
  • Perform a simulated examination using practice questions

Course Materials:

  • Course handouts, study guide, web site references
  • Practice test questions
  • Home study guide of dental and oral anatomy including anatomic landmarks
  • Guidance and support in the DANB exam application process
  • Tuition includes instruction, course materials, resources, and refreshments.

Disclaimer: Participants must be aware that there may be potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when they have not received supervised clinical experience or demonstrate competency in X-Rays. This course is strictly a guide to prepare for the RHS exam and does not guarantee results.

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