Professional Certificate Programs


Personal Trainer Fitness Certification (WHF002-65) Registration deadline: 2/2/2018
Saturdays 2/10-3/24/2018; 9am–4pm, 6 sessions (no class 3/17)
Location: CCCC Main Campus, 2240 Iyannough Rd, Life Fitness Complex, Room GR-1, West Barnstable. Parking is available in lots 10 and 11. 
Cost: $699 (view syllabus)
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Two Nationally Certified Personal Trainer Certifications for 1 Price!
Your Fitness Career Starts Here! Join Cape Cod Community College and become a nationally certified  personal trainer. Take on a career that you can be proud of while earning a great living as a nationally certified personal trainer. Change your life today; make a good living ($34 an hour, national average) and feel great helping others!

Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, get all the information needed to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course is a great way to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer. The collegiate course is for candidates wanting in-depth instruction and hands-on experience with a top veteran instructor to master the career skills & knowledge to be a successful trainer. The course consists of 16 hours of lecture with key topics that include biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, equipment usage, and health assessment, 16 hours of hands-on practical training labs with role playing drills on exercises, presentation skills, etc. to professionally master the position.

Level 1 – Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete the written and practical exams. CPR/AED required.
Level 2 -
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer: Successfully complete your Level 1 exams followed by a 30 hour internship that will help you connect to local employers.

Participants must also obtain the Adult CPR & AED certification in order to receive the WITS certification. The national exam is held during the 6th week of class. 

Course Textbook: Howley, Edward T. and Thompson, Dixie L. 2017. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 7th Edition. Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics. The cost of the course text book is NOT included in the registration fee. Textbook may be purchased online through Amazon Books or through the College Book Store.  

Upon receiving your textbook, it is recommended that students read the following chapters to help better prepare themselves for the first day of class: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 26. 

Graphic Design Fundamentals using Adobe CC Certificate Series

Mon. 2/26-6/4/2018; 6-9pm, 12 sessions (no class 3/26, 4/16, and 5/28) (WIT098-65) Registration deadline: 2/16/2018.
Instructor: Keith Conforti
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis

Thurs. 2/15-5/17/2018; 6-9pm, 12 sessions (no class 3/15 and 4/19) (WIT098-75) Registration deadline: 1/31/2018.
Instructor: Matti Ulvila 
Location: Plymouth Municipal Airport, Cape Cod Community College Aviation Maintenance Facility, 246 South Meadow Road, Gate 6, Plymouth

Cost: $359 per course
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Have you been asked to create professional graphics for your business or job? Are you looking to start your career as a graphic designer? Maybe you’re an aspiring artist, photographer or book maker? Our Graphic Design Fundamentals courses are designed to teach beginners how to operate the industry’s leading design programs, as well as introduce them to the fundamentals of graphic design.

Enroll in all three courses (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and save $148! All three courses must be completed to receive the certificate.

Building a Structured Social Media Strategy to Achieve Results (WIT119-77)  
*Registration deadline: 3/29/2018.

Thurs. 4/5/2018; 9:30am-4:00pm
Instructor: Jen Vondenbrink
Location: Plymouth, exact location TBD
Cost: $99
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Social media managers today need to do more than post interesting articles on social sites. They need to build targeted marketing plans that engage their audience while achieving the goals of the businesses and nonprofits they serve.

This program is designed to give all who attend the tools, resources and experience they need to develop and implement a social media marketing program in their organization.

Local Anesthesia Certificate (WHD002-66)

ONLINE from 4/7-5/18/2018 *Registration deadline: 3/30/2018.  
Lab (WHDL002-66)
Instructor: Denise Bridges
Lab dates: Sat. 5/19, Sun. 5/20, and Sat. 6/2/2018; 8:00am-5:00pm
Cost: $1199

This course will provide a comprehensive study of local dental anesthetics utilized in the
dental hygiene profession. During lecture and lab components, the participant will
learn to safely administer topical and local dental anesthetics.

Course # WHD002 is taught in two phases, and includes 11 hours of on-line pre-study exercises
and assignments, 12 hours of on-site didactic instruction, and 14 hours of on-site clinical instruction. It is specifically designed to provide the participant with the 35 hours of local anesthesia instruction required to prepare the participant to take the NERB Local Anesthesia Examination and obtain the “Permit L” Local Anesthesia licensure from the State of Massachusetts. (This course covers the Massachusetts Rules and Regulations 234 CMR 3.09-3.14, and the requirements for administration of local dental anesthetics by dental hygienists.)

Click here for student enrollment requirements, registration and more information. 


Successful Small Business Management Program (WGB075-65) 
Tuesdays, 3/20-4/24/2018; 7-9pm, 6 sessions *Please note new dates and location!
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis (room 110)
Cost: $95
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Keys to Growing Your Business

All the information you need to run and grow your business. Sessions include discussions on naming and incorporating your business; how to use financial reports; in-depth marketing sessions that include budgeting and which media to use to reach your target. We’ll help you conquer the basics of social media. And then help you put all this together to develop and evaluate your business plan. SCORE’s Handbook For Small Business is included in the fee. Workshop taught by SCORE Instructors—all experienced small business managers. This course is useful for both existing and start-up businesses.



Certified Wedding Planner Certificate 
ONLINE, 340 course hours
Cost: $1595
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Wedding planners combine creativity and organization to help happy couples celebrate the most important day of their lives. Train for a career surrounded by celebratory events!

In this program, you will master the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating, and delivering stunning weddings and parties. This program allows you to earn your certification as a professional wedding and event planner and will give you an opportunity to put your new skills to work in an optional internship.


Communication and Conflict Management with DiSC Profile Analysis
Certificate Series: 21 training hours

Cost: $500 or FREE to eligible employers
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Wed. 1/10, 1/17, and 1/24/2018; 9am-4pm (3 sessions) (WGB114-66)
Location: National Marine Life Center, 120 Main Street, Bourne

Thurs./Fri. 3/8, 3/15, and 3/16/2018; 8:30am-3:30pm (3 sessions) (WGB114-62)
Nantucket Community School, Nantucket

Wed. 3/28, 4/4, and 4/11/2018; 8:30am-3:30pm (3 sessions) (WGB114-68)
Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis

Wed. 4/25, 5/2, and 5/9/2018; 8:30am-3:30pm (3 sessions) (WGB114-72)
John Carver Inn, 25 Summer Street, Plymouth

5/11, 5/18, 5/24/2018; 11:30am-5pm and 6/8/2018; 11:30am-4pm (4 sessions) (WGB114-65)

Location: Wareham, exact location TBD

6/7, 6/12, and 6/19/2018; 8:30am-3:30pm (3 sessions) (WGB114-62)
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis

Managers and employees in today’s workplace require in depth understanding of individual and team communication in order to perform at their best. This interactive course begins with building a foundation of cornerstone communication skills. Participants will complete a DiSC behavioral assessment profile to outline their own communication style. This blend of knowledge is then used to explore their communication style further and gain insight on how differing styles interact. Through interactive exercises, students will identify natural areas of interpersonal conflict arising from communication and practice actionable steps to handle the conflict. The series wraps up with a fascinating look at the lifecycle of team communication.

Participants will examine:

  • Different communication styles and how they interact.
  • Foundation of communication and obstacles to effective communication.
  • Stages of team growth and its effect on communication.
  • Tools for proactively preventing communication conflict.
  • Strategies for coaching effective communication.


Building Effective Working Relationships with Teams: Strategies for Results-Orientated Communication across Cultures and Generations

Certificate Series: 24 training hours

Cost: $300 or FREE to eligible employers
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Wed. 1/31, 2/7, and 2/14/2018; 9am-5pm (3 sessions) (WGB115-67)
Falmouth Chamber of Commerce, 20 Academy Lane, Falmouth

Tues. 2/27, 3/6, and 3/13/2018; 8:30am-4:30pm (3 sessions) (WGB115-69)
Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis

5/8, 5/17, and 5/22/2018; 9:00am-5:00pm (3 sessions) (WGB115-62)
Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, 134 Court Street, Plymouth 

Teams who are effectively led contribute substantially to the overall success of the organization. Bringing together individuals with different skills, cultures and from different generations, however, is fraught with pitfalls. Today’s most successful leaders understand the dynamics of a forming team, how things are perceived cross culturally and how to communicate to and motivate four different generations in the workplace. This comprehensive series provides participants the skills, tools and resources required to become effective team leaders and invaluable contributors. By identifying personal biases, individuals can better understand their co-workers, and then dive deep into understanding team dynamics, goal setting and how to lead their teams through change.

Participants will examine:

  • Intricacies of team dynamics.
  • Cultural and generational biases and how to work through them.
  • Communication approaches with their team depending on their formation stage.
  • How change affects a team and how to lead through change.
  • Insights on being a better coach and leader by providing feedback and ongoing coaching.
  • Setting team goals complete with milestones to support the team’s productivity within the organization.


Manage Priorities and Time to Boost Productivity
Certificate Series: 8 training hours

Cost: $200 or FREE to eligible employers
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Tues. 2/13/2018; 9am-5pm (1 session) (WGB116-69)
Rosebroook Event Center, 50 Rosebrook Pl #1, Wareham

Wed. 6/6/2018; 8:30am-4:30pm (1 session) (WGB116-75)
Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, 134 Court Street, Plymouth

In today’s 24/7 world, it is more important than ever to understand how to use manage time in order to be more productive. High performing individuals are able to tackle challenges, streamline systems and minimize stress. In this series, participants will reframe their notions of how to manage time. By understanding topics such as procrastination, prioritization and workload, employees are better able to handle what is before them and communicate what is working and where they may require assistance.

Participants will examine:

  • Differences between controllable and uncontrollable barriers to time management.
  • Tools that will best help them manage their time such as calendars and checklists.
  • True meaning of a priority.
  • Value of having a plan in place when facing competing priorities.
  • Ways to communicate workload challenges to others as well as track performance results throughout the year.


Grant Writing Certificate Series (WPG127-65)
Wed. 2/14-3/7/2018; 3-6pm (4 sessions)
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Cost: $179
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This is an invigorating and informative course that will equip you with the skills and tools you need to enter the exciting field of grant writing! You'll learn how to raise needed funds by discovering how and where to look for potential funders who are a good match for your organization. You'll also learn how to network and develop true partnerships with a variety of funders, how to organize a successful grant writing campaign, and how to put together a complete proposal package.


Adult CPR/AED and First Aid Certification (WHN035-65)
Fri. 3/2/2018; 5-9pm, 1 session
Location: CCCC Main Campus, 2240 Iyannough Rd, M.M. Wilkens Building, Room 116, West Barnstable
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Cost: $67

The Adult First Aid/CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies for victims about 12 years and older. Successful students, who participate in this program, will receive a certificate from the American Red Cross for Adult First Aid/CPR/AED, valid for two years. 


ServSafe (WGB040-67)
Mon. 4/9 & 4/23/2018; 4:30-8:30pm, 2 sessions 
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Cost: $195
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This course is designed for the initial certification of food service managers. This accredited program will prepare you for the ServSafe exam. Exam administered on the last day of class.


ServSafe Recertification (WGB042-65)
Mon. 4/23/2018; 4:30-8:30pm, 1 session
Location: Hyannis Center, 540 Main Street, Hyannis
Cost: $95
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This course is designed for the recertification of food service managers. Recertification is required every (5) five years. Exam administered on the day of class.

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