Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Steps to earn credit for prior learning through CAEL:

Step 1. Review the checklist on the back of the PLA flyer. Answering "yes" to almost all questions may indicate a good fit for the CAEL program, proceed to STEP 2

Step 2. Make an appointment with CSEL Coordinator, Joan Graney:

Step 3. Sign up for a required CAEL100 course credit or non-credit option:

a) CAEL100 credit option allows you to complete a six-week online course led by an instructor to facilitate portfolio creation. This course transfers into CCCC as a 3-credit elective: $895 includes the cost of the first 3-credit course portfolio

b) CAEL100 non-credit option allows you to complete an online portfolio development course at your own pace, but without instructor guidance. This course does not transfer: $149

Step 4. Create an online portfolio to demonstrate that you have met the course objectives for the course(s) in your program. You may earn up to 3 credits for each portfolio – $125 each the credit bearing CAEL100 course includes the cost of the first 3-credit portfolio

Step 5. Once credit has been recommended by CAEL for CAEL100 or a portfolio(s), the credits will be recorded on an NCCRS/Learning Counts transcript. Transcripts are ordered through – approximately $15 each

CAEL Prior Learning Assessment Flyer and ChecklistPDF document
Prior Learning IT Industry Certification Course EquivalenciesPDF document
Prior Learning Credit Options ChartPDF document
CLEP/Challenge Exam courses not available through CAELPDF document

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