Internship/Co-op Information

Getting Started


1. Read the definitions of internships and review the Employer Guidelines

2. Complete the Host Site Application

3. Post internship job opportunities on 4CJobLink or CONNECTLink at for students to view. You may wish to read the SHRM Guide to Organizing an Internship.

4. Interview students to select the right candidate

5. Complete all forms required by the College and course faculty member throughout the internship experience.

We currently have a small internship program, with about 60 - 70 students participating each year. We are actively seeking to increase the number of students participating in internships and have implemented many new initiatives, including new course development, target marketing, workshops, classroom promotions, club and student organization presentations, student newspaper media coverage and advertisements to increase student internship participation. Additionally, our faculty are very interested in working with you to promote internship opportunities to students in their classes and programs. We hope this will aid your organization in receiving eligible applicants for internship opportunities. If you are interested in recruiting on-campus for internships, please contact the Student Employment Office at or 508.362.2131 x4336, to find out about availability.


1. Contact Career Services and Experiential Learning for general internship information, to identify host site options and prepare application materials, including a resume and cover letter

2. Contact the course faculty contact/coordinatorPDF document to discuss course pre-requisites, eligibility, and course requirements – please note: internships/co-ops are credit courses and, as such, always have tuition and fees attached

3. Secure a site placement (use 4CJobLink, the Host Site List or make an appointment with Career Services and Experiential Learning for assistance) and set up a schedule with your site supervisor

4. Complete all forms for course registration (internships/co-ops are credit courses and, as such, always have tuition and fees attached) and the internship program

Required Forms (the course instructor may require additional forms):

5. Review JobStart101 for advice on how to succeed in professional settings and relevant laws, such as sexual harassment.

6. Complete the requirements for the internship and meet regularly with your internship supervisor and faculty member.

Internship Site Locating Resources:

News Articles on Unpaid Internships:

Internship Benefits to Students:

  • Valuable real‐world experience in their desired career field
  • Gain handson skills development under the guidance of employer and faculty mentors
  • Explore and reflect on academic theory in practice, in a dynamic organizational environment
  • Test‐drive a career before continuing down a particular path of further education
  • Build a valuable network of professional contacts
  • Gain valuable industry skills and experience that enhance a résumé and future employment options
  • Become part of a company or organization where many job openings are filled with internal candidates
  • Earn academic credit toward your academic program

Internship Benefits to Host Sites/Employer:

  • Identify and evaluate potential employees without a long-term commitment
  • Meet seasonal employment needs or complete real world projects
  • Gain access to students early on in their educational careers, capturing their attention before other Competitors have this opportunity
  • Strategic, high-value investment that can be significantly less than the high cost of unsuccessful new hires
  • Contribute directly to the educational development of a student and future local workforces
  • Invest directly in the local, future talent pool
  • Add value by expanding workforce diversity, creating an influx of fresh ideas on existing systems
  • Broaden leadership and supervisory professional development opportunities for staff
  • Foster useful long-term relationships with the student and the academic institution
  • Increase brand recognition on campus
  • Offer real input into academic studies and educational programs in this region