Paramedic Program


This program is designed to assist the student to prepare for the State Certificate Exam for Paramedic. Students will be given the basic skills and technical information to provide emergency medical services at the Paramedic level.

This professional education is for students interested in careers in the paramedic field with opportunities in municipal, state and federal agencies, industry, insurance companies, hospitals and various medical offices.


EMS201PDF document Paramedic I (Offered in Fall)

Roles and responsibilities of this advanced pre-hospital training program include history and physical assessment, pathophysiology, management of shock, cardiac, respiratory, neurological, and abdominal emergencies, and an overview of EMS communication systems.
7 credits.

EMS202PDF document Paramedic II (Offered in Spring)

This advanced education program continues assessment and management of emergencies in obstetrics, gynecology, trauma, pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and geriatrics.  Students respond to emergency medical service calls and perform paramedic skills as part of an advanced life support ambulance crew under the supervision of a field preceptor.          8 credits     Prerequisite: EMS201 

Clinical Practice for both courses:

Students perform skills under the supervision of a clinical preceptor in a variety of clinical sites, including critical care units, operating rooms, emergency departments, renal dialysis, pediatric ICU, labor and delivery, and psychiatric sites.

Courses are taught by Emergency Medical Training Services (EMTS)
Special tuition is charged.

Admission Requirements:

Attend an information session and interview

  • Submit admission application
  • Submit official high school/GED transcript and college/university transcript(s).
  • Submit a copy of current certification in Massachusetts as an EMT-Basic

Accepted students must:


Pre-requisites for Paramedic I course:


  • Satisfactory basic skills assessment score


  • Completion of comparable college course work


For more information or to enroll in the Paramedic program, contact the Admissions Office: 774.330.4311