The Advantage Program

The Advantage Program at Cape Cod Community College empowers students to successfully graduate with an Associate's degree and to transfer to pursue a Bachelor's degree. We strive to guide our students to reach their academic and career goals.

We offer many enriching programs to Advantage students. Our staff includes advisors, tutors and peer mentors who understand academic challenges that college students face when completing an Associate's degree.

Through academic advising, tutoring and personal encouragement in a dedicated, caring environment, our participants learn self-direction, resourcefulness and learn to advocate for themselves to become responsible, life-long learners in a global environment as they reach the next level of higher education.

For students who qualify, free services include: individualized tutoring, academic and career advising, transfer trips to local colleges, peer mentoring, student success seminars, career preparation and understanding financial aid and applying for scholarships.

The Advantage Program co-sponsors Student Success Seminars including: 
Careers, Internships, Resume Writing, Memory, Study Skills, Transferring and How to Write a Research Paper.

Application and Eligibility

The Advantage Program at CCCC is a TRiO Student Support Services program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Students must complete an application and meet with a staff member to confirm eligibility.

You may print an Advantage Program ApplicationPDF document. Take your completed application to the Advantage Program Office located in MM Wilkens Hall, Room 221 or call the office, 774.330.4321, for more information.

Here is what some of our students are saying about the Advantage Program during the 2015-2016 year:

"The whole program is excellent in its advocacy and support offerings. There is always someone willing to hear your story. It felt like nice and welcoming to be part of Advantage during my time at 4C's. Thank you" (May 2016 graduate)

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program. Being an older student with lots of 'baggage', and anxiety issues, having so much support was an amazing feeling. Being the one that always helps others, it was an amazing feeling to be helped! I so look forward to coming back next semester. Thank you all - staff and peer mentors for all your support!"

"Everyone is very friendly. No question is stupid."

"Great advisors and tutors to help you with any subject you need more work. It's an amazing program with a lot of resources. I'm doing fine!"

"I've only just started using this program, but already I do feel more confident about my classes and developing my study skills.?

"I appreciate the use of computers and the support. Kathy has made the Advantage experience even better. She is the gateway to the program. Diane provides me the support to focus on my academics. I feel more connected to the College because of the program. If I did not have this program I probably would have dropped out."

Additional Helpful Information

Please visit and see a site designed by students for students that features first-person accounts of students who overcame challenges by going to college such as peer pressure, lack of family support, and financial barriers. It provides relevant, comprehensive information about how to go and how to pay for college by helping you to create a "roadmap" to college.

Advantage program graduateAdvantage program graduateAdvantage program graduateAdvantage program graduateAdvantage program graduateAdvantage program graduatesAdvantage program graduate

Advantage Program

If you have questions concerning what the Advantage Program can do for you, please let us know!

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