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Take the First Step and Meet with an Advisor…

Meet Linda Willoughby, Adult Learner Advisor. Linda will provide you with an overview of college programs; and assist with registration, assessment, financial aid information, CLEP, and support services. She’s also available to meet with you personally to guide you through the admission process and plan your academic schedule.

Linda WilloughbyLinda Willoughby – BS, M.Ed
Adult Learner Advisor


Explore your Academic Options and Prepare for the Job Market…

Meet Dawn Harney, Academic Advisor. Dawn is available to provide academic advising, registration assistance, scholarship and financial aid information and referrals to support services. Dawn is available to current students to provide you with essential job search skills to help prepare you for the job market. She can guide you through resume and cover letter writing, preparing for interviews, and the job search process.

Dawn HarneyDawn Harney – A.A., B.A.
Academic Advisor

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