Admissions Requirements

Admissions to Cape Cod Community College is based upon the "open door" philosophy required by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Each student is admitted on a first-come basis, provided that:

  1. The applicant is eligible
  2. The applicant completed the application procedures
  3. There is a vacancy in the program for which you apply

Selective Admissions Requirements

The "open door" admissions policy does not apply to the Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Technician, Fire Science/EMS OptionMedical Assisting, Medical InterpreterNursing or Paramedic programs.  These programs have specific deadlines, and/or prerequisites, and other admissions criteria. Click on the link to learn more about each program and contact the Admissions Office if you have questions about the admissions requirements.

International applicants are welcomed to Cape Community College as long as they show promise to gain knowledge and experience at a U.S. college in general, and at Cape Cod Community College, specifically.

Tri-Level Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide program applicants can receive additional admissions information at the program's website.

Application Procedures

  1. Submit a completed application formPDF document to Admissions by the priority filing dates of:

    August 15 for the Fall semester
    January 10 for the Spring semester
  2. Submit official high school transcripts IF you are a current high school senior or IF you graduated within the past 3 years (2014, 2015 or 2016).
  3. Submit official high school/GED/HiSet transcripts IF you:

    a. Have not yet completed your GED/HiSet coursework or examinations at the time you submit your application.

    b. Are an applicant to a selective health program (Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Technician, Medical Interpreter, Medical Assisting, Nursing, Fire Science EMS Option, or Paramedic).

    c. Are an international applicant requiring an F-1 student visa.
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities ever attended.

Home Schooled Applicants: All home-schooled students, without a high school diploma or GED, are eligible to apply for admission to a degree or certificate program provided they have successfully completed an approved home school program in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws or the laws of their home state.

To determine whether a student has participated in an approved home school program, the student shall submit, with the application for admission (paper copy only; online application submissions will not be accepted), evidence that the home school program was approved by the student's school district's superintendent or school committee. Additionally, if the home- schooled student is under the age of compulsory attendance, which is sixteen (16) years old in Massachusetts, a letter from the student's school district's superintendent or school committee is required stating that the student is not considered truant and would not be required to attend further schooling or continue to be home-schooled if the student has completed his/her home school program before the age of sixteen (16).

The College reserves the right to limit or deny enrollment of any student under the age of sixteen (16) in a course or program based on a case-by-case consideration of a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the student's maturity, life experience, placement test scores, prior education, course content, instructional methodology, and potential risks associated with participation in a particular course or program.

International Applicants: Please visit the International Applicants page of the website or contact the Admissions Office with any questions.

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