Meet Our Students

The 4Cs community is made up of people from every corner of the globe, from all walks of life, young and young-at-heart, with diverse points of view.  We at Cape Cod Community College cherish and nurture this diversity, and promote it by sponsoring dialog and debate, organizing information sessions, holding a multicultrural festival and enriching our curriculum.  For a further look at the students that make up an important part of our dynamic community, take a few moments and let them introduce themselves to you by clicking on the links below to watch their video profiles.  Or, take a peek at our Faces of 4CsWindows Media file video which showcases the expereices of several of our current students and alumni!


 The Faces of 4Cs  

The Faces of 4CsWindows media file

Featuring current students and 4Cs alumni, this video will give you the student perspective on what it's like to be a member of our vibrant community. 

Susana Diaz, 56, student at Cape Cod Community College

Susana Diaz, 56Windows media file                                                                   

This video highlights the story of Susana, a career-changing single-parent who emigrated to the US from Venezuela in order to secure a better life for herself and her family.  Susana enrolled at 4Cs after being encouraged by her children.  She is currently studying math at the College.  


 Jeremy Seibold, 35, student at Cape Cod Community College

 Jeremy Seibold, 35Windows media file

4Cs alumnus Jeremy, didn't begin his college career until the age of 30.  Having previously earned his GED and holding jobs as a cook and a boxing coach, Jeremy knew that there was more out there for him.  His 4Cs experience was rich in both academics and extracurricular activities.  Watch this video to learn more about the relationships he built at the College and his tremendous academic success which culminated in his graduation as a Massachusetts Commonwealth Honors Scholar.  Find out how he went from 4Cs to the ivy league!


 BJ, 29, student at Cape Cod Community College

 BJ, 28Windows media file

BJ began his experience at 4Cs through the GED program here at the College.  Shortly after earning his GED, BJ enrolled as a college student but decided that the military was the right direction for him at that time.  After completing his military service as a US Marine, BJ returned to 4Cs to finish what he had started.  With a great deal of life experience and the GI Bill supporting him, BJ graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree last May and is now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree at a four-year institution through the MassTransfer program.

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