Meet Our Alumni

Brooke Sargent

Brooke Sargent
Office Manager, Skanska

I moved to San Diego in February 2014 after finishing up a few classes at CCCC. I came here alone, with nothing (not even a car, let alone a job) and set out to improve my life.

The best thing I ever did before I left for the West Coast was take a Career Development class at Cape Cod Community College.

By the time I left for California I had a nearly perfect résumé and cover letter and knew how to impress the business world. Now, I am an Office Manager for a General Contractor who builds many of the freeways and bridges around the area and internationally. I am currently preparing to take classes, part time and continue my education while I work full time.

Tracy Buckley-Scott

Tracy Buckley-Scott
Director of Branch Operations
The Cape Cod Five Savings Bank

I was in banking for six years prior to deciding to pursue an Associate degree in Business Administration at Cape Cod Community College.

Deep down, I knew furthering my education would provide me with the additional skills and experience necessary for me to become a better manager and foster greater creativity in my work. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with classmates on a variety of projects; all while under the leadership of first class instructors.

Since graduating in 2011, I've been in pursuit of my Bachelor's Degree at UMass Dartmouth and intend to graduate in early 2016. Cape Cod Community College has been instrumental in my continued success by providing me with the tools, guidance and facilities needed to meet my educational goals.

LaPorchia (Cannady) Philamar

LaPorchia (Cannady) Philamar
Critical Care RN, Cape Cod Hospital

I graduated from CCCC in 1998. My first job as a nurse was at Cape Cod Hospital. I worked at CCH for ten years; my last three in CCU.

Then, in 2005 I went to work at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center to expand my critical care knowledge, where I learned so much. Today I'm back in school at Curry College. I graduate in May 2016 with my BSN.

Currently I'm employed at both CCH and SEMC per-diem. CCCC gave me a great education, a foundation to build on and succeed. CCCC is an excellent school, I was proud to have attended such a great school.

Zebina Masse

Zebina Masse
Development Engineer, Apple, Inc.

I started my studies at CCCC in 2009 and graduated with an AA in May 2011. I transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the summer of 2011. I graduated from RISD in 2014 with a BFA while interning at NASA and working on a grant funded project for NASA during my last year at school.

After graduation I went back to NASA twice and on March 2, 2015 I was hired at Apple Inc. as a development engineer where I am currently employed.

Anup Patel

Anup Patel
Civil Engineer, NJ Department of Transportation

I'm grateful for all that I learned at CCCC, both in and out of the classroom. I am currently working as Civil Engineer for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Cape Cod Community College is a great school to begin a college education. It has helped me to develop my abilities to advance in my career. This college has taught me how to be active in a college career, to be open for opportunities, to always be willing to learn, to develop leadership skills, and to go beyond classroom.

As it has been said in Sanskrit Verse: "With learning as unity, you learn a quarter from teacher, a quarter from your ability, a quarter from discussion with classmates, a quarter from experience."

After I graduated with an Associate degree from CCCC, I transferred to one of the great Engineering schools, Stevens Institute of Technology, located in New Jersey to proceed further with my education. I successfully completed my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Civil Engineering and Master of Science (MS) in Construction Management.

My education at Cape Cod Community College has been a great foundation for my successful career and I am hoping to continue grow in my career using foundation build at CCCC.

Jay Seibold

Jay Seibold
Teacher's Assistant, Florida Atlantic University

After graduating from Cape Cod Community College, I attended Cornell University, where I excelled academically, participated in a great deal of community service, and was active in the Greek system.

After earning my bachelor's degree from Cornell, I got married to an amazing woman, traveled the world a bit, and began attending Florida Atlantic University near our house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

I will graduate in May 2016 with a Master's degree in Communication and Multimedia Studies and two graduate certificates in Film Studies and in Women, Gender, and Equality studies. I am working on a thesis with the following focus: the significance of film as a medium for public health campaigns.

Upon graduation, I intend to follow my dream of teaching at the collegiate level!

Nara Nascimento

Nara Nascimento
Research Assistant, Boston College

It's been 3 years since I graduated from 4C's. I won't ever forget my time there because it was my launching pad into the world. You can literally start there and go anywhere. I had great opportunities through the Honors Program, and I believe it was the major factor in helping me succeed into the future.

I went on to Bridgewater State University. I continued my path through the Honors Program there and was encouraged to get into research. I became an undergraduate research assistant. I had the chance to be a part of what it takes to run a project in a laboratory. I participated in every part of the project: planning experiments, carrying them out as well as evaluating test results. I monitor maintenance schedules, and as a senior assistant in the lab, I was entrusted to teach lab techniques to the new students.

I became a part of the Honors Student Congress, which significantly impacted my life. As chair of community service, I organized a Red Cross blood drive on campus for four consecutive semesters, which collected the most blood units at BSU in the last five years. From there, we pushed ourselves further by planning a fundraiser on campus with a $2,000 goal that would serve as a scholarship for a young girl in Kenya. It was a challenge we were able to accomplish and surpass – regular people making a difference in someone's life.

I went on to graduate from BSU with the class of 2015, summa cum laude. I am currently a research assistant in the neurobiology of social behavior lab at Boston College.

Dan Meeghan

Dan Meeghan
Project Civil Engineer
Vanasse Hangen & Brustlin, Inc.

I started my college career at Cape Cod Community College, and I could not be happier with that decision. At CCCC I was able to take a variety of classes from math and sciences to languages and arts, with many great professors. I was also able to meet many inspirational peers, who helped me to become more involved with clubs and student organizations at CCCC. During my time at CCCC I came to realize I that a career in Civil Engineering would be a great goal to pursue.

I was able to graduate as a commonwealth honors scholar from CCCC, which allowed me to be awarded several scholarships from the College, and from the school I transfer to, UMass Amherst. I continued to be very involved with clubs and organizations at UMass, while also gaining a great education.

I graduated Cum Laude in May of 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and was eager to start my career in the field. I was immediately employed as a Civil Engineer by a great local company called Coastal Engineering, Inc. in Orleans, where I worked until June of 2015.

I recently moved to Boston and am now working for a great company called Vanasse Hangen & Brustlin as a Project Civil Engineer.

Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean
Engineering Specialist, Siemens

I attended several community colleges in Massachusetts before attending Cape Cod Community College. I found CCCC to be the best and I graduated from there in 2010.

CCCC's career services department helped me transition into the facilities engineering program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) where I graduated in 2013. MMA has an astounding 100% job placement and I was hired as an engineer just prior to graduating.

Currently, I am working for one of the world's largest engineering companies in the world and I consider myself a lifelong learner.