Associate in Arts Degree Requirements

The Associate in Arts degree is designed for students planning to transfer to a Baccalaureate institution.

Students who matriculated at Cape Cod Community College prior to Fall 2010 will follow the requirements in the catalog under which they originally matriculated. (Refer to the College catalog archives.)

For the Associate in Arts degree* the student must:

  1. have a minimum cumulative average of 2.0,
  2. satisfactorily complete a minimum of 60 credit hours, at least 24 of which must be earned from Cape Cod Community College, excluding developmental education courses,
  3. complete 35 general education credits as follows:  
 ENL101 English Composition I3 credits  
 ENL102 English Composition II3 credits  
 Humanities & Fine Arts9 credits  
 Behavioral & Social Sciences9 credits  
 Natural or Physical Science8 credits  
 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning3 credits  
 Total Credits    35 credits  
  1. select the remaining credits from among all other course offerings for which the student has met the prerequisites.

Refer to the list of General Education Courses - courses that satisfy General Education requirements.

*Cape Cod Community College has concentrations within the Associate in Arts degree. The concentrations are samples of coursework that a student might choose for that particular area of study. The Associate in Arts degree does not indicate a specialized degree in a concentration.


  1. Students who are recommended to enroll in developmental courses in reading, writing, or mathematics should do so during their first semester. Other courses should be chosen carefully and in many cases these students should not carry a full-time load (12 credit hours or more).
  2. Students should complete ENL101, ENL102, and any mathematics requirements within the first 30 credits since communication and quantitative skills are essential for success in many college courses.
  3. All students graduating with an Associate in Arts degree automatically satisfy MassTransfer. An associate's degree is MassTransfer eligible when the curriculum includes the massTransfer block listed below. A limited number oa Associate in Science degrees are eligible for some of the MassTransfer benefits but do not satisfy the MassTransfer block. Find out more about MassTranser and visit for full details.

MassTransfer Block

 English Composition/Writing6 credits  
 Behavioral & Social Sciences9 credits  
 Humanities & Fine Arts9 credits  
 Natural or Physical Science7 credits^
 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning3 credits  
 Total Credits34 credits^

^Cape Cod Community College requires 8 credits of Natural or Physical Science to graduate with an Associate in Arts degree.