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Advanced Placement Course Equivalencies

Note: Students who score three (3) or better on the College Board Advanced Placement examinations may be granted College credit.

AP ExamRequired
Min. Score
CCCC Equiv. CourseCollege Credit
Art History 3 ART125 & ART134
Music Theory 3 MUS101
Studio Art 2D Design 3 ART101
Studio Art 3D Design 3 ART136 3
Studio Art Drawing: Drawing 3 ART100

English Language and Composition

*Note: As of September 2020, a score of  3 or 4 will receive course transfer for ENL 101; a score of 5 will receive course transfer for ENL 101 & ENL 102. 

3 ENL101

English Literature and Composition * 

*Note: As of September 2020, ENL 102 will no longer be a course equivalent for this Exam. However, an internal challenge exam will be available. Credit will be awarded for ENL 110 instead.


3 ENL102 

World Languages & Cultures
Spanish Language and Culture 3

French Language and Culture 3

History & Social Science
Comparative Government & Politics 3 GOV101
European History 3 HIS162
Human Geography 3 GEO104 3
Macroeconomics 3 ECO117
Microeconomics 3 ECO118
Psychology 3 PSY101
United States Government & Politics 3 GOV111
United States History 3
HIS103 & HIS104
World History 3 HIS120
Math & Computer Science
Statistics 3, 4, 5 MAT150
Calculus AB 4 or 5 MAT240
Calculus BC 4 or 5 MAT240 & MAT250
Computer Science A 4 or 5 CSC110
Note: Students considering transferring to the UMASS institutions should be aware that college credit given for AP science exams may not be accepted, resulting the need to repeat courses at UMASS.
Biology 3 BIO109 4
Chemistry 3 CHM106 4
Environmental Science 3 ENV118 4
Physics AP C PHY106 4

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