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Accuplacer Testing Prep & Tips

We strongly encourage you to review and study prior to completing your Accuplacer® tests. Your goal is to achieve the best possible score in order to prevent enrollment in courses below your actual skill level. By increasing your scores you will save yourself time, money, and energy by avoiding developmental coursework.

Math Refresher Workshops

We're here to help you brush up on your Math skills! Drop-in virtually to a Math Refresher workshop and we'll get you ready to ace your placement exam.

Register today for a Math Refresher Workshop by emailing the Student Readiness Office at

The study materials below are from the College Board's Official ACCUPLACER Review Site. They are in PDF format and can be printed for your use. Simply click the title of the exams you are studying for.
Accuplacer Arithmetic
Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions
Accuplacer Reading
Accuplacer WritePlacer

The Accuplacer Web Based Study App includes interactive practice tests, immediate feedback, and detailed explanations of the correct responses to the questions. 

Tutorials: Note that these are not based on ACCUPLACER®
English Page: Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension
Khan Academy: Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra
Math: Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra

Refresher Workshop: For further support, you may wish to attend a free English and/or Math Refresher Workshop at 4Cs. 

Drop-In Math Refresher Workshops

Zoom-in any Wednesday from 2-4pm 

To get the Zoom link, email Kate Condon at  

Brainfuse: Current students of Cape Cod Community College may wish to use this online resource, available through your Moodle account.

  1. Relax! ACCUPLACER® was designed to help you succeed in college. Your score helps you and your advisor determine which courses are most appropriate for your current level of knowledge and skills.
  2. You will be able to concentrate better on the test if you get plenty of rest and eat properly prior to the test. You should also arrive a few minutes early so you can find the testing area, bathrooms, etc., and gather your thoughts before the test begins.
  3. Pay careful attention to directions, and be sure you understand the directions before you begin each test.
  4. You should understand that this is an adaptive test. Questions are chosen for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions. Because the test works this way, you must answer every question; you may change the answer on a particular question before you have moved ahead to another question but you may not go back to change an answer once it has been submitted.
  5. If you do not know the answer to a question, try to eliminate one or more of the choices.
  6. Remember to bring a picture I.D. We will provide you with your student ID and an orientation to the testing process.
  7. DO NOT BRING FOOD, DRINK or TEXTBOOKS, notebooks, dictionaries, or other papers of any kind into the testing room. We will ask you to turn off any electronic devices.
  8. You may not use a calculator unless you have signed documentation from the O'Neill Center for Students with Disabilities.
  9. The Test Administrator will provide you with scratch paper. This MUST be returned to the administrator prior to leaving the testing room.
  10. Remember, no assisting others or yourself. Anyone who gives or receives help during the test or uses notes or books of any kind will not be allowed to continue the test.