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Department Syllabi with Student Learning Outcomes

Accounting (ACC)
ACC100 Survey of Accounting
ACC103 QuickBooks Basics
ACC115 Payroll Accounting
ACC201 Financial Accounting
ACC202 Managerial Accounting
ACC210 Personal Income Taxes
ACC263 VITA Practicum
American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL101 American Sign Language I
ASL102 American Sign Language II
Anthropology (ANT)
ANT107 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT211 Comparative Cultures
ANT215 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
Arabic (ARB)
ARB100 Conversational Arabic
ARB122 Immersion Study in Arabic Language and Civilization
Art (ART)
ART100 Drawing I
ART101 Design I
ART103 Painting I
ART125 History of Art Stone Age to Gothic
ART130 You Can Design!
ART134 Art History Renaissance to Modern
ART135 Fashion, Textile and Fiber Art
ART136 Three Dimensional Design
ART137 History of Graphic Design
ART139 Digital Photography
ART140 Introduction to Silkscreen Printing
ART171 Computer Graphics I (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
ART200 Drawing II
ART201 Design II
ART207 Graphic Design I
ART208 Graphic Design II
ART209 Printmaking Techniques
ART216 Life Drawing
ART218 Typography
ART219 Portfolio Preparation for Artists and Graphic Designers
ART226 Printmaking II
ART229 Painting II
ART231 Computer Graphics II
ART256 Internship in Graphic Design
ART257 Art Gallery & Exhibition Management
ART261 Visual Arts Cooperative Work Experience
Astronomy (AST)
AST101 Fundamentals of Astronomy
AST102 Astronomy II
AST201 Current Topics in Astronomy
Aviation (AMT)
AMT100 Introduction to Aviation and Aerospace
AMT101 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): General Module 1
AMT102 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): General Module 2
AMT201 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): Airframe Module 1
AMT202 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): Airframe Module 2
AMT203 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): Powerplant Module 1
AMT204 Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT): Powerplant Module 2
Biology (BIO)
BIO103 Consumer Nutrition
BIO105 Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO109 Survey of Biology
BIO141 Survey of Microbiology
BIO151 General Biology I
BIO152 General Biology II
BIO199 Special Laboratory in the Life Sciences
BIO204 Introduction to Public Health
BIO205 General Ecology
BIO210 Bird Biology
BIO241 Cell Biology
BIO242 Molecular Genetics
BIO251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO281 Microbiology
Business (BUS)
BUS100 Introduction to Business
BUS102 Business Communication
BUS103 Supervision
BUS107 Human Resource Management
BUS112 Organizational Behavior
BUS120 Business Law
BUS175 My Finance
BUS201 Business Finance
BUS214 Management
BUS261 Business Administration Cooperative Work Experience
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
CNA113 Advanced Rehabilitation Nursing Assistant
CNA114 Effective Strategies for Working with Alzheimers Patients
CNA117 Tri-level Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide
CNA122 Advanced Concepts for Nursing Assistants
CNA128 Pediatrics and Parenting
CNA138 Rehabilitative/Restorative Aide
Chemistry (CHM)
CHM106 Survey of Chemistry
CHM109 Chemistry for the Health Sciences I
CHM151 General Chemistry I
CHM152 General Chemistry II
CHM251 Organic Chemistry I
CHM252 Organic Chemistry II
College Experience (COL)
COL101 The College Experience
Communication (COM)
COM100 Voice and Diction
COM103 Human Communication
COM105 Survey of Mass Communication
COM113 Radio Broadcasting
COM114 Radio Production
COM120 Introduction to Film
COM131 Introduction to Video Production
COM201 Interpersonal Communication
COM203 Public Speaking
COM204 Persuasive Communication
COM206 Communication in Current Settings
COM207 Argumentation and Debate
COM208 Broadcast Writing and Presentation
COM214 Media and Society
COM215 Social Media Marketing and Communications
COM216 Event Planning and Management
COM221 American Film
COM222 International Cinema
COM224 Documentary Film
COM231 Advanced Radio Production
COM263 Communication Cooperative Work Experience
COM264 Media Communication Cooperative Work Experience
Computer Science (CSC)
CSC105 Computer Programming I: Python
CSC110 Computer Programming I: Java
CSC120 Computer Programming I: C++
CSC125 Procedural Programming
CSC130 Computer Programming II: Java
CSC230 Data Structure
CSC240 Introduction to Computer Systems
CSC250 Computer Organization and Architecture
Construction Technology (CON)
CON130 Computer Aided Drafting I
CON135 Computer Aided Drafting II
CON200 Architectural Drafting I
CON201 Architectural Drafting II
Criminal Justice (CRJ)
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ103 Criminal Law
CRJ105 Criminology Theory and Practice
CRJ116 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ117 Correctional Law
CRJ125 Contemporary Policing
CRJ130 Criminal Evidence
CRJ135 Terrorism
CRJ206 Principles of Investigations I
CRJ207 Principles of Investigations II
CRJ210 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ220 Crisis Intervention for Criminal Justice Professionals
CRJ221 Juvenile Justice
CRJ240 Selected Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJ261 Criminal Justice Cooperative Work Experience
CRJ262 Corrections Cooperative Work Experience
Culinary Arts (CUL)
CUL150 Fundamentals of Professional Cooking
CUL180 Baking I
CUL210 Dining Room Operations and Service
CUL220 Culinary Arts Lab II
Dance (DAN)
DAN102 Musical Theatre Dance
DAN120 Modern Dance
Dental Hygiene (DEN)
DEN101 Oral Tissues I
DEN102 Oral Tissues II
DEN103 Oral Radiology
DEN105 Community Dental Health
DEN121 Dental Hygiene
DEN123 Dental Hygiene II
DEN126 Clinical Dental Hygiene I
DEN128 Clinical Dental Hygiene II
DEN200 Pharmacology for Dental Hygiene
DEN205 Oral Pathology
DEN209 Dental Materials
DEN211 Periodontics
DEN230 Dental Hygiene III
DEN232 Dental Hygiene IV
DEN236 Clinical Dental Hygiene III
DEN237 Pain Management
DEN238 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV
Diagnostic Tech (DTC)
DTC102 EKG Technician
DTC104 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy
DTC204 Phlebotomy Practicum
Early Childhood Education (ECE)
ECE100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE105 Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs
ECE110 Child Growth and Development
ECE115 Literacy and the Young Child
ECE200 Teaching Infants and Toddlers
ECE201 Preschool Curriculum Planning
ECE202 Advanced Curriculum Development
ECE206 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education
ECE211 Curriculum Strategies for Teaching Math and Science to Young Children
ECE221 Classroom Management: Skills and Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers
ECE230 Practicum in Early Childhood Education Preschool
ECE242 Selected Topics in Early Childhood Education
ECE290 Administration of Early Childhood Programs
ECE291 Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Education
Earth Science (ESC)
ESC101 Introduction to Earth Science
ESC105 Fundamentals of Oceanography
Economics (ECO)
ECO117 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO118 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO155 Emerging Markets Economies
ECO157 Global Economics
ECO160 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Education (EDU)
EDU101 Foundations of Education
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
EMS101 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS203 Advanced Pre-Hospital Training Program: Paramedic I
EMS204 Advanced Pre-Hospital Training Program: Paramedic II
EMS211 Paramedic Clinical Experience
EMS221 Paramedic Field Internship & Capstone
Engineering (ENR)
ENR101 Introduction to Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
ENR103 Introduction to Robotics
ENR105 Circuit Theory & Analysis
ENR106 3D Mechanical Design I
ENR107 3D Design and Analysis II
ENR110 Engineering & Scientific Computing
ENR201 Statics
ENR202 Dynamics
ENR204 Circuit Theory I
ENR205 Circuit Theory II
ENR206 Quality Manufacturing
ENR207 Materials Science
ENR208 Thermodynamics
ENR209 Strength of Materials
English (ENL)
ENL025 Reading & Writing Essentials
ENL100 Reading Reflection
ENL101 English Composition I
ENL102 English Composition II
ENL108 Critical Reading and Thinking
ENL110 Introduction to Literature
ENL120 Introduction to Childrens Literature
ENL131 Technical Writing
ENL135 Short Story and Human Values
ENL150 World Mythologies
ENL161 Journalism I
ENL163 Journalism II
ENL170 Producing a Magazine of the Arts
ENL201 World Literature I: Early World Literature
ENL202 World Literature II: Enlightenment to Present
ENL203 British Literature I: Medieval through Enlightenment
ENL204 British Literature II: Romantics to Present
ENL205 American Literature to 1890: Emergence of American Literature
ENL206 American Literature since 1890: Defining American Identity
ENL207 Shakespeare
ENL209 Creative Writing
ENL210 Exploring Modern Poetry
ENL213 Poetry Writing
ENL214 Contemporary Novel
ENL215 World Religions in Literature
ENL216 Advanced Research Report Writing
ENL217 Exploring the World of Science Fiction
ENL218 The Arthurian Legend
ENL219 Masters of Horror
ENL228 Women Writers
ENL290 Selected Topics in Literature
ENL291 Selected Topics in Writing
ETU100 Peer Tutor Practicum
ETU101 Reading Tutorial Practicum
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)
ESL010 English for Speakers of Other Languages I
ESL100 Academic Speaking and Listening for English Learners
ESL102 English for Speakers of Other Languages II
ESL201 English for Speakers of Other Languages III
Entrepreneurship (ENT)
ENT108 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Environmental Technology (ENV)
ENV101 Survey of Environmental Technology
ENV115 Environmental Chemistry
ENV118 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENV120 Introduction to Environmental Science (Lecture Only)
ENV125 Coastal Ecology
ENV127 Projects in Coastal Ecology
ENV135 Coastal Zone Management Laws and Regulations
ENV158 Occupational Safety and Health Hazardous Waste Management
ENV163 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
ENV165 Renewable Energy, Climate & Careers
ENV171 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Methods
ENV173 Introduction to Solar Energy
ENV177 Introduction to Wind Energy
ENV201 Environmental Instrumentation
ENV260 Environmental Technology Intership
Experiential Learning (EXP)
EXP101 Experiential Learning Internship and Seminar
Fire Science (FSC)
FSC103 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy
FSC107 Hydraulics for the Fire Service
FSC108 Fire Investigation and Evidence
FSC109 Fire Department Management and Planning
FSC110 Fire Codes and Ordinances
FSC114 Fire Company Management
FSC115 Introduction to Technical Rescue
FSC120 Introduction to Incident Management
FSC130 Shipboard Firefighting
FSC150 Principles of Emergency Services
FSC151 Fire Prevention
FSC152 Fire Protection Systems
FSC153 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FSC154 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
FSC155 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FSC200 Special Topics in Fire Science
French (FRN)
FRN100 Conversational French
FRN101 Elementary French I
FRN102 Elementary French II
FRN122 Immersion Study in French Language Civilization
FRN201 Intermediate French I
FRN202 Intermediate French II
FRN301 Advanced French: Survey of French Literature I
FRN302 Advanced French: Survey of French Literature II
Freshman Semester (FSM)
CXP021 Career and Personal Exploration II
FSM101 First Year Seminar
Funeral Service (FSR)
FSR105 Embalming Chemistry
FSR128 Social Foundation of Funeral Service
FSR129 Funeral Directing I
FSR131 Embalming I
FSR132 Embalming Clinical
FSR134 Embalming Chemistry
FSR137 Pathology for Funeral Service
FSR140 Funeral Directing II
FSR150 Sanitary Sciences
FSR209 Funeral Service Merchandizing & Marketing
FSR232 Embalming II
FSR239 Restorative Art
FSR294 Regulatory Compliance for Funeral Service
FSR298 Board Certification & Competencies Skills
Geography (GEO)
GEO104 Geography Culture and Environment
German (GER)
GER100 Conversational German
GER101 Elementary German I
GER102 Elementary German II
GER126 Austria: Vienna and Salzburg
GER201 Intermediate German I
GER202 Intermediate German II
Government (GOV)
GOV101 Comparative Politics
GOV102 International Relations
GOV110 The American Presidency
GOV111 American Government
Health and Fitness (FIT)
FIT117 Personal Fitness
FIT122 Diet & Exercise
FIT123 Circuit Training
FIT133 Lifeguard Training
FIT164 Pilates Mat I
FIT167 Kripala Hatha Yoga I
FIT168 Kripala Hatha Yoga II
FIT169 Pilates Mat II
FIT170 Adventure Concepts
Health Sciences (HEA)
HEA120 Stress Management for Optimal Health
HEA130 Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support
HEA132 Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care
HEA134 Essential Skills for the Health Professional
HEA135 Introduction to Complementary Healing Practices
HEA200 Pharmacology
HEA201 Nutrition
HEA202 Essentials of Pharmacology for Allied Health Professionals
History (HIS)
HIS103 United States History to 1865
HIS104 United States History since 1865
HIS108 United States History since 1945
HIS119 World History to 1500 CE
HIS120 World History from 1500 CE
HIS160 European History to 1600 CE
HIS162 European History from 1600 CE
HIS170 Study Abroad: History
HIS201 History of China
HIS206 Ancient History
HIS207 Medieval History
HIS215 Women in United States History
HIS216 History of Japan
HIS217 The Civil War
HIS228 Women in European History
HIS241 Selected Topics in History
HIS255 History of Vietnam
HIS258 African American History
Homeland Security (HSC)
HSC101 Introduction to Homeland Security
HSC102 Maritime Security
HSC103 Management of Incidents
Honors (HON)
HON200 Honors Colloquium
Horticulture (HOR)
HOR101 Plant & Soil Science
HOR102 Entomology and Plant Diseases
HOR103 Woody Plant Identification and Culture
HOR104 Turf Management
HOR105 Equipment Maintenance and Operation
HOR106 Horticulture Practicum
HOR107 Floral Design
HOR201 Herbaceous Plant Identification and Culture
HOR202 Landscape Design and Construction
Hospitality (HRM)
HRM111 Foodservice Sanitation
HRM130 Food and Beverage Management
HRM140 Introduction to Hospitality Management
HRM170 Casino Management
HRM215 Lodging Management and Operations
HRM216 Event Planning and Management
HRM230 Hospitality Marketing
HRM262 Hospitality Cooperative Work Experience
Human Services (HUS)
HUS101 Introduction to Human Services
HUS104 Introduction to Alcohol & Substance Abuse
HUS206 Human Services Practicum
HUS208 Advanced Addictions Practicum
HUS229 Introduction to Social Welfare
HUS230 Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Families
HUS231 Treatment Modalities in Human Services
HUS232 Introduction to Addictions Practicum
HUS270 Social Work: Diversity, Cultural Competence & Social Justice
Humanities (HUM)
HUM102 Humanities Perception through the Arts
Information Technology (BIT/GIT)
BIT103 Medical Terminology
BIT104 Cybercrime
BIT112 Information Technology Foundations
BIT113 Microcomputer Hardware
BIT115 IT: W‌indows Desktop Operating Systems
BIT116 IT: Linux
BIT187 Introduction to Networks (Cisco 1)
BIT202 Standard Office Procedures
BIT203 Medical Office Procedures
BIT207 Medical Coding and Billing
BIT208 Advanced Medical Coding and Billing
BIT209 Pharmacology for Medical Coding
BIT221 Web Site Development Practicum
BIT236 Wireless Networking
BIT237 Windows Server Administration
BIT240 IT: Security+
BIT241 IT: Ethical Hacking
BIT242 IT: Advanced Ethical Hacking I
BIT243 IT: Advanced Ethical Hacking II
BIT244 IT: Security Reverse Engineering
BIT245 IT: Security Penetrating Testing
BIT248 Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials (Cisco 2)
BIT249 Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation (Cisco 3)
BIT250 Database Design and Development
BIT252 Connecting Networks
BIT260 Information Technology Field Project
BIT261 IT Cooperative Work Experience
BIT266 Application Development for Mobile Devices
BIT284 Javascript and JQuery Web Scripting
BIT286 PHP and MySQL for Web Development
GIT101 Typing I
GIT102 Computer Keyboarding
GIT108 Windows Operating System
GIT110 Computer Applications
GIT125 Microsoft Excel for Business Applications
GIT150 Database Applications
GIT160 Foundations of Game Development
GIT180 Introduction to the Internet
GIT183 Web Site Design and Scripting
GIT184 Web Authoring and Graphics Tools
GIT220 Advanced Word Processing Applications
Italian (ITL)
ITL100 Conversational Italian
ITL122 Immersion Study in Italian Language Civilization
ITL125 Conversational Italian II
Latin (LAT)
LAT100 Introduction to Latin
Marketing (MKT)
MKT100 Marketing
Mathematics (MAT)
MAT010 Fundamentals of Arithmetic
MAT025 Pre-Algebra
MAT035 Algebra for Non-Stem
MAT041 Elementary Algebra for STEM
MAT045 Intermediate Algebra for STEM
MAT120 Mathematics for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators I
MAT121 Mathematics for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators II
MAT130 Quantitative Reasoning
MAT150 Elementary Statistics
MAT165 Finite Math
MAT175 College Algebra
MAT180 Applied Calculus
MAT195 Precalculus with Trigonometry
MAT220 Discrete Math
MAT240 Calculus I
MAT245 Linear Algebra
MAT250 Calculus II
MAT260 Calculus III
MAT270 Differential Equations
Medical Assisting (MAC)
MAC101 Fundamentals of Medical Assisting
MAC204 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures Clinical Practicum
MAC205 The Administrative Medical Assistant
Medical Interpreter (MIN)
MIN101 Medical Interpreter I
MIN102 Medical Interpreter II
MIN200 Medical Interpreter Practicum
Music (MUS)
MUS100 Music Appreciation
MUS101 Music Theory I
MUS102 Music History I
MUS103 Music History II
MUS116 History of Rock Music
MUS120 Applied Music
MUS121 Advanced Applied Music
MUS122 Beginning Guitar
MUS123 Jazz Combo
MUS124 Guitar II
MUS126 Beginning Piano
MUS127 Piano II
MUS202 Music Theory II
Nursing (NUR)
NUR100 Dosage Calculations
NUR107 Fundamentals of Nursing
NUR108 Nursing Across the Life Span
NUR132 LPN in Transition
NUR201 Physical and Mental Health I
NUR202 Physical and Mental Health II
NUR203 Foundations of the Profession
Paralegal Studies (LGS)
LGS130 Introduction to Substantive Law
LGS131 Family Law
LGS132 Law Office Management
LGS133 Legal Research and Writing
LGS134 Real Estate, Mortgages and Landlord-Tenant Law
LGS135 Civil Litigation
LGS136 Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Probate Procedures
LGS137 Contracts, Business Organizations and Transactions
LGS138 Criminal Law and Procedure
LGS238 Internship in Paralegal Studies
Philosophy (PHI)
PHI130 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI131 Logic
PHI160 Three Great Thinkers
PHI201 Existentialism
PHI210 Ethics
Physics (PHY)
PHY106 Survey of Physics
PHY151 Physics I
PHY152 Physics II
PHY199 Special Laboratory in the Physical Sciences
PHY211 University Physics I
PHY212 University Physics II
Portuguese (PRT)
PRT100 Conversational Brazilian Portuguese
PRT125 Conversational Brazilian Portuguese II
Psychology (PSY)
PSY100 Psychology of Career Development
PSY101 General Psychology
PSY201 Child Psychology
PSY202 Adolescent Psychology
PSY205 Adult Psychology
PSY207 Abnormal Psychology
PSY208 Counseling and Crisis Intervention
PSY209 Group Dynamics in Human Services
PSY210 Psychology of Grief
PSY212 Human Sexuality
PSY214 Research Methods
PSY219 Psychology of Women
PSY225 Social Psychology
PSY233 Developmental Psychology
PSY235 Cognitive Psychology
PSY241 Selected Topics in Psychology
Science (SCI)
SCI100 Study Abroad Ecotourism
SCI150 Scientific Writing & Presentation
SCI261 Cooperative Work Experience in the Natural Sciences
Service Learning (SLR)
SLR101 Service Learning Option
Sociology (SOC)
SOC106 Principles of Sociology
SOC209 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
SOC210 Marriage and Family
SOC211 Domestic Violence and Victimology
SOC215 Social Problems
SOC220 Sociology of Health and Health Care
Spanish (SPN)
SPN100 Conversational Spanish
SPN101 Elementary Spanish I
SPN102 Elementary Spanish II
SPN105 Elementary Spanish I for Health Professionals
SPN123 Immersion Study in Spanish Language/Civilization
SPN128 Onsite Spanish Culture
SPN201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPN301 Advanced Spanish I
SPN302 Advanced Spanish II
Theater (THR)
THR101 Introduction to Theater
THR102 Page to Stage
THR103 Acting I
THR106 Theater History
THR113 Rehearsal & Performance
THR120 Stagecraft and Theater Technologies
THR203 Acting II
THR210 Audition and Portfolio
THR262 Theatre Cooperative Work Experience