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Student Wellness

Reach out. We're here.

If you feel that the stresses in your life are affecting your health, sense of wellbeing, relationships, and/or academic performance, and you need to talk to someone, there is support available on campus.

Reach out. We’re here. Schedule an appointment by emailing or stop by our office on the second floor of Grossman Commons.

The Student Wellness Office has staff and services to help you through and connect.

Support when you need it

Support when you need it

The Student Wellness Office has staff and services to help you through and connect. These include:

Student Wellness Intake

Reach out. We’re here. To schedule an appointment, please complete the Student Wellness Intake form. You can also e-mail for more information.


Instantly connect with a peer whenever you need someone to talk to. TalkCampus provides instant, 24/7 mental health support. Talk or text any time, from any device. Download the TalkCampus app and you’ll be able to log-in using your College e-mail address.


A self-evaluation that screens for the most common mental health conditions that college students face. To take the self-evaluation, visit

Stress & Depression Questionnaire

Find out how stress and depression may be affecting you – and what support is available to you. To take the questionnaire visit

The CALM Team

To support your mental and physical wellness on campus, Cape Cod Community College has a "Crisis and Life Management" (CALM) Team to help.

The CALM Team consists of mental health professionals, faculty members, emergency personnel, and staff. When a student brings a wellness issue to a member of the College community, those issues are brought to the CALM Team for assistance. The Team reviews all student wellness issues, then makes contact with the student to help them in any way possible.

Contact the Student Wellness Office

Student Wellness
Location Grossman Commons, Room 208
Hours Monday–Friday, 8:30am–4:30pm
Phone 774.330.4550