Starfish = Retention

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What is Starfish?

Starfish is a FERPA secure real-time campus-wide software system used by the college to enable you to scale student support initiatives, connect more students with more of the campus community, and help students achieve their academic goals.

It consolidates into one place many of the things you can do to promote student success and retention.

There are features for academic alerts, note taking, tracking progress, messaging, scheduling appointments, making referrals, recording attendance, and more. Your students will engage with it too, by checking in on their statuses, sending messages and scheduling appointments.

You can use Starfish in one way or hundreds of ways – as you see fit or limitlessly. It's a multi-tool for use in almost any of the college's settings and capacities, for students, staff and faculty alike.

Give it a try!

(Log into CampusWeb, and then click on the blue Starfish icon in the top right corner.)

Log in now. Explore the functionality. Step up your workflow.

"I just wanted to thank you for Starfish. I've been at CCCC instructing for over a year and I have found that when I use the kudos feature, I always get thank you notes from my students."

"The kudos feature is great as a tool to motivate my students. Motivation is very important in Quick-Terms, as students are usually extremely busy with life/family/work/etc."

"Just a quick note to say how easy it was to complete the survey. I like the ability to let students know how they are doing without having to single them out in class."

"I wanted to mention how useful Starfish Alerts have been for me recently. I had used a variety of the usual methods for contacting students about their course progress, such as catching them before or after class, e-mailing them, and/or messaging them via Moodle with no success. I posted alerts on Saturday after grading an exam in the online course and heard from six students via email (with a Starfish alert notice in the subject line) by Tuesday, and these online students had been sent my concerns in more than one e-mail or Moodle message."

Starfish = Communication

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What Can I Do With Starfish?

It's easy. It's efficient. And it's full of purpose.

  • Raise and manage academic and advising alerts on an individual or group basis
  • Make and share advising notes
  • Send messages to students via e-mail and SMS
  • Send kudos to students
  • Refer students for other services and tutoring
  • Record attendance
  • Set up your office hours
  • Schedule appointments with students and automatically plug them into Outlook
  • Monitor students and advisees
  • Manage your text/e-mail notification settings
  • Fully searchable interface

Students run into obstacles as a matter of course, including academic unpreparedness, unperfected skills, financial concerns, scheduling conflicts, health issues, etc. Part of your mission is helping students overcome these types of challenges, and the first step is simply knowing about them.

Starfish informs but it doesn't stop there – it also gives you the tools we need to take action, monitor efforts, and iterate on intervention strategies until the results are in line with our calling.

We teach and guide our students as one – as a college. Starfish brings us all together in powerful and previously impossible ways.

Do more, faster and better. Contribute, share, access, and learn. Starfish is an incredibly robust and reliable system that will streamline your work.

Appointments with advisors, counselors, professors, and others are easy to book.

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