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What are Flags and Kudos?

Flags: early alerts to help keep students on track.
Kudos: positive affirmation of a job well done.

Within the system, you can raise flags or send kudos. Send a flag when you’re concerned with progress in a course. Send a kudos when you’re pleased with student progress or performance. Students and any other relevant personnel will receive the flag/kudos in the form of an e-mail note.

Students can also receive alerts by SMS text message.

For flags, the first part of the e-mail will show what class the flag is for and some tips on how to improve performance. You can also include personal comments, and those will be included at the bottom of the e-mail. The same goes for kudos, except it's all positive news.

Depending on the flag that is raised, the appropriate connection is made to staff and/or faculty by instant notification. Action can then be taken and the student is contacted as necessary.

A student may be referred for further assistance to help them be successful.

Faculty or staff may be contacted for follow-up or be notified when the flag is resolved.

Most flags in Starfish are informational and by themselves don't necessarily require outreach beyond the immediate e-mail that goes to the student noting the issue and available resources to help address them. Several flags in multiple classes may indicate a student needs help, and an advisor or support provider can work with the student to overcome any challenges.

Notes can be kept in Starfish so multiple support personnel can pitch in. When the issues are resolved and everything's back on track, the flag can be cleared.

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