Dr. Sergio Marini
Dr. Sergio Marini, Professor of Psychology (2004) and Department Chair (2010)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 204
Phone 774.330.4515
E-mail smarini@capecod.edu

Education: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., The City University of New York

Courses Taught: General Psychology, Child Psychology and Cognitive Psychology

Academic Interest: Aging and Dementia Research; Experimental and Cognitive Psychology, with an emphasis on Memory.

Claudine Barnes
Claudine Barnes, Professor of History & Government (2001)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 218
Phone 774.330.4508
E-mail cbarnes@capecod.edu

Education: B.A., University of Massachusetts; M.A., University of Nebraska; ABD, Arizona State University

Courses Taught: U.S. History, Civil War, Women in the U.S., American Government

Academic Interest: Race and Gender in the U.S., American Indian Studies, Women’s Studies and Immigration History.

Dr. Robert Ericson, Jr.
Dr. Robert Ericson, Jr., Professor and Coordinator of Human Services (2015)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 238
Phone 774.330.4362
E-mail rericson@capecod.edu

Education: B.S., Worcester State; M.A. Assumption College; MSW Smith College – School of Social Work; Ph.D. Simmons College – School of Social Work

Courses Taught: Introduction to Social Welfare, Group Dynamics, Advanced Practicum, General Psychology and Abnormal Psychology

Academic Interest: Clinical Practice, Group Work, Childhood Trauma and Relational Psychoanalysis

Virender Gautam
Dr. Virender Gautam, Professor of Economics (1992) and Advisor of Economics Club
Office MM Wilkens Hall 203
Phone 774.330.4501
E-mail vgautam@capecod.edu

Education: B.A., Kurukshetra University; M.S., Haryana Agricultural University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State University

Courses Taught: Principles of Micro and Macro Economics, Global Economics, Emerging Market Economies

Academic Interest: International Economics & Policy and Trade Analysis. Analyzing economic policy issues and concerns that impact the Cape Cod Economy and its towns.

Kate Martin
Kate Martin, Associate Professor and Advisor Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society
Office MM Wilkens Hall 207
Phone 774.330.4665
E-mail kmartin@capecod.edu

Education: B.A., Northeastern University; M.A., Boston University; Doctoral Candidate (ABD), Boston University

Courses Taught: European History I & II, World History I & II, Women in European History, International Relations, History of the Middle East, Medieval History

Academic Interest: Ireland under the Tudors

Debra Murphy
Dr. Debra Murphy, Professor and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education (1997)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 214
Phone 774.330.4513
E-mail dmurphy@capecod.edu

Education: B.S., University of Massachusetts-Amherst; M.S., Wheelock College; Ph.D., Lesley University

Courses Taught: Preschool Curriculum Planning, Creative Experiences in Early Childhood Education, Practicum in Early Childhood, Leadership in Early Childhood Programs

Academic Interest: Teacher Research, Teacher Identity Development, Communities of Practice

Jacob 'Dele Oni
Dr. Jacob 'Dele Oni, Professor of Sociology
Office MM Wilkens Hall 228
Phone 774.330.4548
E-mail joni@capecod.edu

Education: B.Sc., OSUA, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria; M.Sc., OAU, Ile-Ife, Nigeria; PhD. ANU, Canberra Australia

Courses Taught: Principles of Sociology, Research Methods, Comparative Culture, Sociology of Health, Introduction to Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology of Marriage and Family

Academic Interest: Social Science Research, Sociology of Health. Sociological Theory, Race and Ethnicity, Social Problems, Marriage and Family, Intra-household dynamics in Africa.

Darren Stocker
Darren K. Stocker, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice (2015) and Coordinator of Criminal Justice
Office MM Wilkens Hall 213
Phone 774.330.4516
E-mail dstocker@capecod.edu

Education: B.S., West Chester University; M.S., Saint Joseph's University; M.Ed., University of Massachusetts; ABD Northeastern University

Courses Taught: Criminology, Corrections, Introduction to Criminal Justice

Academic Interest: Criminology, Criminal Psychopathology, and Technology in Education

Krystin St.Onge
Krystin St. Onge, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science (2015)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 235
Phone 774.330.4364
E-mail kstonge@capecod.edu

Education: MSW, Boston University School of Social Work

Courses Taught: General Psychology, Introduction to Social Welfare Policy, Introduction to Human Services, Advanced Human Service Practicum, Addictions Practicum, Treatment Modalities, Mental Health Substance Abuse & Families

Academic Interest: Health Disparities among racial and ethnic minorities, Evaluation of Community Based programs, Community Health, Social Work and Addictions.

John Szucs
John Szucs, Associate Professor (2015)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 213
Phone 774.330.4401
E-mail jszucs@capecod.edu

Education: AA Cape Cod Community College; BS, Western New England University; MPA, Suffolk University; MACJ/FC, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Courses Taught: Principles of Investigation I and II, Contemporary Policing, Crime Prevention Seminars

Academic Interest: Criminal Justice/ Public Administration, Crime Scene Investigations, Forensic Science & the Law.

Ifeoluwa Togun
Dr. Ifeoluwa Togun, Associate Professor of Psychology (2015)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 240
Phone 774.330.4083
E-mail itogun@capecod.edu

Education: B.A. Grambling State University; M.A. Southern Methodist University; Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington

Courses Taught: General Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Science Statistics, and Cognitive Psychology

Academic Interest: Cognitive Psychology and Ethnic/Racial Identity Development

Michele Wolfson
Dr. Michele Wolfson, Professor of Psychology (2014)
Office MM Wilkens Hall 241
Phone 774.330.4438
E-mail mwolfson@capecod.edu

Education: B.S. Rowan University; M.S. California State University, Los Angeles; Ph.D. Boston College

Courses Taught: General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Abnormal Psychology Honors, Developmental Psychology: Lifespan, Honors Colloquium: Listening to the Silenced

Academic Interest: Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Adult Development, Narrative Psychology, Cultural and Gender Studies