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Small Business Direct Access Program Grant

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Cape Cod Community College is offering grant-funded employer programs through June 2021 through the Small Business Direct Access Program, which offers seats, free of charge, to eligible businesses. Businesses with 100 or fewer Massachusetts employees that contribute to the Workforce Training Fund are eligible to access all five training programs listed below for free.

Sign Up Today to Secure Space for You and/or Your Employees!

Is Your Company Already Registered and Approved for Small Business Direct Access Program Funding Through June 30th?
Enroll your employees today at no charge! Contact Danielle Dupuis, Program Coordinator 508-375-5015 for promotional codes to use during online registration.

Not Approved Yet, but Interested in Registering for Unlimited Funding?
Contact Danielle Dupuis, Program Coordinator 508-375-5015 to learn more about the quick 5-10-minute application process that will allow you to take advantage of no-cost programming through June 2021! Or get started on your registration here to determine eligibility. You will need the following to get started:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Valid Certificate of Good Standing from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • Business contact at your organization
  • Basic information about your company and your company’s workforce, including the total number of full-time and part-time employees employed in Massachusetts.

Grant Training Programs (PDF)

What is the Schedule Like? Is the Format Virtual?
All classes will be held virtually over live, secure Zoom sessions and can be accessed from anywhere you and your employees have a stable internet connection.

Five Programs to Choose From

Step-by-Step Social Media Marketing
(view schedule)

This interactive 16-hour intensive eight-session program will take you step by step through social media marketing. You will receive the tools and resources you need to make important social media decisions and create content that resonates with your audience. The structure is such that you receive information in one session, then practical application in the following session. We invite you to work on an independent project of your choice, leveraging the week’s lessons, and receiving feedback on your progress from the instructor and other participants.

Customer-First Service and Sales Academy (view schedule)

This 24-hour intensive eight-session program will train employees, particularly those in customer-service and sales related roles within the organization, highlighting best practices to show why service is so important in today’s business environment. Participants will learn why sales and service are interconnected, bringing all program concepts together, which will allow employees to assist with building action plans for their teams

Improving Small Business Operations (view schedule)

This 24-hour intensive eight-session program will train employers, particularly managers and leaders within the organization, on the logistics surrounding a comprehensive supply chain. Operating successfully today requires organizations to become much more involved with their suppliers and customers. This program will help you find ways to better match supply and demand to achieve optimal levels of cost, quality, and customer service and maximize resource management.

Management in Today’s Workplace (view schedule)

This 24-hour intensive eight-session program is designed to inspire and teach managers to create an increasingly positive and productive remote and in-person work environment by developing as individuals as well as shifting the overall culture.

Senior Leadership in Today’s Workplace (view schedule)

This 24-hour intensive eight-session program will provide leaders and executives with the practical skills needed to advance enhance their learning leadership style and provide participants with insights into their own problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, team- work, and communication skills.

The Massachusetts Training Exchange is an online training marketplace. It was created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help Massachusetts businesses access quality training for their employees. The Massachusetts Training Exchange’s primary purpose is to help businesses that are eligible for state grant subsidies from the Workforce Training Fund Program to find high quality and cost-effective training for their workers and apply for grant subsidies to pay for the training. The Massachusetts Training Exchange is a resource of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.