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Nursing: RN-BS UMass Boston Partnership

Cape Cod Community College and the College of Nursing & Health Sciences – UMASS Boston

The UMass Boston & Cape Cod Community College partnership RN-BS program offers convenience and flexibility for working RN's though Face to Face and Computer Assisted courses held at 4Cs. The program requires that students complete 120 overall credits.

Pre-Requisites (must be completed prior to NURSNG362)
UMB CourseUMB Course #CreditsCCCC Course #CCCC Course
Freshman English I ENGL101 3 ENL101 English Composition I
Freshman English II ENGL102 3 ENL102 English Composition II
Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL207 4 BIO251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL207 4 BIO252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
Medical Microbiology BIOL209 4 BIO281 Microbiology
Lifespan Growth & Development NURSNG230 3 PSY233 Developmental Psychology: The Life Span
ECON205, MA125, EHS280, PSYCH207 or SOCIOL270
MATH125 3 MAT150 Elementary Statistics
Pharmacology NURSNG314 3 HEA200 Pharmacology
Total   27    
Courses in Major
(must be taken in sequence)
UMB Course #CreditsSemester Offered
Professional Issues in Nursing NURSNG360 6 Spring
Health Assessment and Promotion NURSNG361 6 Fall
Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice NURSNG362 6 Spring
Community Health Nursing for RN’s NURSNG461 6 Fall
Legal and Ethical Health Policy NURSNG462 6 Spring
Nursing Licensure Credits
(awarded at the beginning of the program)
Note: Writing Proficiency Requirement must be completed prior to NU461.
Distribution RequirementsUMB Course #CreditsCCCC Course #CCCC Course
World Culture or Language Electives   6    
Arts and Humanities Electives   6    
Social or Behavior Science Elective PSYCH or SOCIOL 3 PSY101 General Psychology
Free Electives   6 (3,3)    
    3 CHM109 Chemistry for Health Sciences I
  UMB or transfer 2 (or 3)    
Total Credits   120    

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UMass Boston Undergraduate Admissions
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