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Qualified students are students with significant intellectual disabilities who:

  • Have a knowledge of their own learning style, strengths and weaknesses
  • Have the ability to express their needs and advocate for themselves
  • Have the skills and willingness to solve problems independently
  • Demonstrate vocational motivation, have realistic vocational goals and the potential to work independently
  • Have the ability to interact with peers, instructors and supervisors in a positive and constructive manner in the classroom, work and social settings
  • Demonstrate effective time management, organizational skills and the ability to focus on the task-at-hand for 30+ minutes
  • Have the ability to control behavior, manage emotions and recognize safety issues
  • Are free from disruptive behavior and do not pose a substantial health and /or safety risk to themselves or others
  • Demonstrate the ability to use good judgment, maintain professional behavior, and perform with minimal supervision in a community college and employment environment

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