Project Forward

Project Forward is a Vocational Education program for students with significant learning difficulties.

Project Forward's mission is to encourage students with disabilities to develop employment skills and become responsible learners and workers who:

  • Build vocational skills for increased independent living
  • Improve communications skills
  • Improve self-awareness and self-advocacy skills
  • Relate to others in constructive ways
  • Demonstrate a motivated and responsible attitude toward work in an effort to improve self-esteem and develop compensatory abilities

Based at Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable, Massachusetts, Project Forward has been nationally recognized by the United States Department of Education and The School-to-Work Outreach Project as an exemplary school-to-work model serving students with disabilities since 1988. Project Forward has also been cited by 4H/University of Massachusetts-Amherst for its Peer Leadership program which empowers college students with disabilities to speak to younger students and community agencies concerning disability awareness and advocacy.


Marjorie Berkley, Administrative Assistant
Location MM Wilkens Hall, Room 119
Phone 774.330.4763