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Brianna Shirley '19

Business Administration Graduate

There’s “keeping busy” and then there’s “Brianna Shirley Busy.” During her time at 4Cs, Brianna worked two jobs, took a full course load en route to a degree in Business Administration, served as a Student Senator, participated in the Economics and Rotaract Clubs, and helped found a new club dedicated to serving African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American students on campus.

Brianna Shirley '19

Did we mention she did all that before turning 20 years old?

As a high school student, Brianna wasn’t as engaged. The Dennis resident came to 4Cs to stay local, save money, and start a college career. It was the College’s faculty who opened her eyes to the benefits of engagement and giving back to the community through student clubs.

Along with her degree, Brianna graduated with unquantifiable amounts of leadership experience that have bolstered her resume and prepared her for what comes next.

Brianna now has her sights set on transferring to a four-year institution with a long-term goal of creating a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women living below the poverty line.

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