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Affirmative Action Statement

Cape Cod Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, gender identity or sexual orientation in its programs and activities as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other applicable statutes and College policies. Cape Cod Community College prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence. Inquiries or complaints regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act and related statutes and regulations shall be directed to the College’s Affirmative Action Officer, at the number and address below. Inquiries or complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual violence shall be referred to the College’s Affirmative Action Officer and Title IX Coordinator, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, P. Paul Alexander, located in the Nickerson Administration Building, (508)362-2131 x4307, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or the United States Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy 2021

Filing Complaints

Complaint Procedure – Summary

Step I – Investigation

  • Complainant files a formal written complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer.
    Student complaints are filed within thirty (30) days of the end of the instructional period.
    Employee complaints are filed within thirty (30) days of the grievable act.
  • AA Officer notifies the Responding Party in writing of the complaint and provides a copy of the formal complaint - within the timeline specified by the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Responding Party submits a written response to the complaint to the AA Officer – within ten (10) days of receiving the notice.
  • AA Officer conducts an investigation, prepares and issues a Report of Preliminary Findings to the parties - within thirty (30) days of the Responding Party's written response.
    Status updates are provided to the parties every thirty (30) days until the report is complete.
  • Both parties submit Rebuttal Statements to the AA Officer – within ten (10) days of receipt of the Report of Preliminary Findings.
  • AA Officer reviews the Rebuttal Statements, prepares and submits a Report of Final Findings and Recommendations to the President's Designee - within seven (7) days of receiving the parties' Rebuttal Statements.

Step II – Review and Decision by the President's Designee

  • President's designee issues a written decision to the parties – within ten (10) days of receipt of the Report of Final Findings and Recommendations.

Step III – Appeal to the President

  • A party may file an appeal of the Designee's written decision with the President – within five (5) days of receiving the Designee's written decision.
  • The President issues a written decision accepting, rejecting or modifying the Designee's decision – within five (5) days of receiving the appeal.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Gretchen Nelson
Title IX/ADA-504 Coordinator

Michelle Houlihan,Title IX Officer

For purposes of filing federal charges of discrimination under Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, Section 508 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, or Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, students may contact:

Federal Office for Civil Rights
McCormack Post Office and Court House
Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109