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Parking on Campus

General Parking Rules:

  • No Parking on the road or in the fire lanes.
  • No Parking on the lawns (unless directed by a Police Officer).
  • No Parking in the Bus Stop.
  • No Parking or Driving on the on any campus sidewalks.
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff shall not park in designated visitor areas.

See also: College Parking Policy


Overnight Parking

People wishing to leave a vehicle on campus overnight must report to the Public Safety Office to obtain overnight parking instructions. All vehicles without permission and/or issued pass will be ticketed and/or towed.


Accessible Parking

Disabled Parking is only for those who display a Disabled plate/placard issued from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. To get a permanent or temporary disabled permit go to the RMV website and complete the Application for Disabled Parking Placard/PlatePDF document. All other vehicles found in the Disabled spaces are subject to fine.


Payment of Fines and Appeals

The Cape Cod Community College Police will issue parking tickets to all vehicles that are parked improperly or in areas that have special designation. Ticket Payment as well as any appeal requests should be submitted to the Parking Clerk as stated on the ticket.


Office of College Police and Public Safety
Location Grossman Commons CG6
Phone 774.330.4349
Switchboard 508.362.2131 extension 3