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Available Courses


Course-Section Course Name Credits
You Can Design! 1
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ART130-75 You Can Design!
Instructor: Scott Anderson
Schedule: Online

An online introduction to understanding and interpreting the world around you for the purpose of creating art work. Recognizing and identifying elements of visual language like Line, Shape, Color, Texture, and Tone will lead to applying these elements in the creation of art and design work. Critically evaluating art work and the work of other artists and designers will help nurture confidence in the use of visual language and provide a basis for exploring all forms of visual expression, including drawing, painting, life drawing, sculpture, design, graphic art, website design and printmaking.

Prerequisite: ENL025 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score.


Course-Section Course Name Credits
Introduction to Business 3
Management 3
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BUS100-75 Introduction to Business
Schedule: Online

Students examine the purpose, role and responsibility of business in American society and gain a broad overview of the functions, institutions, principles and practices of business and other organizations. This course provides a basic foundation for those students who will specialize in business and an opportunity for non-business majors to learn about the business world as a major social institution.

Prerequisite: None

BUS214-75 Management
Schedule: Online

Provides an introduction to principles and techniques of management as they relate to business, government, and non-profit organizations. Includes the study of the functions of management: coordinating, problem-solving, decision-making, communicating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

Prerequisite: ENL101 and BUS100.


Course-Section Course Name Credits
English Composition I 3
English Composition II 3
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ENL101-76 English Composition ISection: 76
Instructor: Mary Crawley
Schedule: Online

ENL101 is an introductory college composition course required of all students and prerequisite to all other college-level English courses. It is designed to help students develop and express ideas clearly and effectively using Standard American English through frequent writing and the study of rhetorical patterns of development. Students learn to write MLA style documented essays.

Prerequisite: Appropriate scores in Reading Comprehension and in Sentence Skills on Computerized Placement Test or grade of C or better in ENL020 and ENL050 or ESL201

Note: atisfies the English Composition/Writing general education requirement.

ENL102-75 English Composition II
Instructor: William Barry
Schedule: Online

A continuation of ENL101, this course is required of all Associate in Arts students and a prerequisite to all upper level English courses. It focuses on reading, analyzing, and writing about literature and is designed to help students refine writing skills developed in ENL101.

Prerequisite: A grade of "C-" or higher in ENL101.

Note: Satisfies either an English Composition/Writing or Humanities and Fine Arts general education requirement.


Course-Section Course Name Credits
Marketing 3
Customer Service: Concepts & Applications 3
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MKT100-75 Marketing
Schedule: Online

This course focuses on the basic principles, problems, and practices in marketing. Students learn marketing strategies, design of marketing mixes, and market planning in a changing environment.

Prerequisite: ENL020 or satisfactory basic skills assessment

MKT112-75 Customer Service: Concepts & Applications
Schedule: Online

This course provides an overview of customer service concepts and terminology and exposes students to various customer service challenges. Students learn to identify different types of customer behaviors, determine customer needs through active listening, become effective verbal and non-verbal communicators, hone telephone customer service skills, learn how best to handle difficult customers, become aware of how to offer customer service within a diverse organizational environment, take steps to encourage customer loyalty, and practice service recovery.

Prerequisite: None

Course Types

Fully Online: 100% of the course instruction is delivered online, and students may access course content on a flexible schedule. Students may be required to take proctored exams on campus or at an approved off-campus site.

Hybrid: Course uses both classroom and online instructional modes and meets face-to-face on a regular schedule.

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