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Pre-Award Process

The Grants Office assists the faculty, staff and administrators of Cape Cod Community College in researching funding opportunities, developing, and submitting proposals for grant funds. All grant-seeking activity should further the Mission and Vision of the College, and department’s priorities.

We encourage all members of Cape Cod Community College’s faculty and staff to contact us to explore funding opportunities or potential project ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you know of a grant opportunity or would like to discuss a project concept.

When Cape Cod Community College is the applicant, all proposals, including budgets, will be developed and/or reviewed by the Grants Office prior to submission. The Grants Office has oversight of any and all proposals, including budgets, submitted through online grant portals.

When Cape Cod Community College is a partner or sub-grantee in another institution’s proposal, the narrative and budget will be reviewed by the Grants Office prior to submission.

The Grants Office also works with the Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation to develop funding opportunities. Please review the Gift Acceptance Policy to learn more about how the Foundation works to solicits gifts and grants to further the mission of Cape Cod Community College.

The first step in the Grants Process is to complete the Statement of Intent for Proposals form. The completed form is reviewed by the grants office and if feasible forwarded to the relevant Dean or Vice President for review.