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Nursing Uniform Code

  1. Students will wear the Nursing Program uniform in clinical/lab situations only.
  2. Uniforms should always be clean, wrinkle-free, and fit properly.
  3. In an effort to comply with our clinical sites policy, students will abide by a Fragrance Free Policy:

    Definition: Fragrances
    Any product which produces a scent, strong enough to be perceived by others including but not limited to colognes, perfumes, after shave products, lotions, powders, deodorants, hair sprays and other hair products and other personal products.

  4. Garments worn under the uniform top must be neutral color or white.
  5. Uniform or lab coat with insignia over appropriate street clothing must be worn when returning to the medical records room or clinical unit to research patient assignments. Jeans or slacks made of denim are not appropriate.
  6. No sweaters will be worn under or over the uniform in the clinical area. Students may purchase the royal blue “warm-up” jacket to wear over the uniform in the clinical setting.
  7. Laboratory coats with school insignia patch will be worn over nursing uniform during scheduled labs in the Center for Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH).
  8. Women’s Uniform:
    • The uniform is a white top with royal blue pants.
    • Hose should be neutral color or white.
    • One white lab coat, mid-thigh in length.
    Men's Uniform:
    • White top and royal blue pants.
    • White socks.
    • One white lab coat, mid-thigh in length.
  9. College insignia (patch) must be purchased at the CCCC Bookstore and machine sewn on the left sleeve (two finger breadths below the shoulder seam) of each top, warm-up jacket, and lab coat. Do not purchase the iron-on patch.
  10. Name pin must be purchased at the CCCC Bookstore, and worn on the uniform or lab coat while in campus lab and clinical settings.
  11. Shoes: clean, white, non-canvas/non-porous, closed low heel with clean shoelaces if applicable.
  12. Jewelry or visible body piercing materials should be limited to:
    • Wedding ring and engagement ring.
    • Small, not dangling earrings, one pair.
  13. Please be aware that some clinical sites may require that body art be covered.
  14. Fingernails will be short and clean.
  15. Nail polish of any kind and/or artificial nails will not be worn.
  16. Hair will be neat and off the collar at all times while wearing the Program uniform or lab coat.
  17. No smoking in uniform is allowed!

Uniforms/White Laboratory Coats

  • May be purchased at CCCC Bookstore, at any major retail store (i.e. Target, Walmart, etc.) on-line, or any uniform shop.
  • The royal blue pants (Cherokee Style #4100) of the uniform may also be ordered online:
  • Optional royal blue “warm-up jacket” (Cherokee Style #4350) may also be ordered on-line:

Required Equipment

  • Black ink ballpoint pen
  • Bandage scissors
  • Pen light
  • Wristwatch with second hand
  • Stethoscope (any brand, choose on the basis of earpiece comfort, fit and weight)

College Insignia (Patch and Name Pin)

  • Must be purchased at the CCCC Bookstore.
  • Name pin must include: the student’s first and last name; and the words “Cape Cod Community College, Nursing Student.”
  • Name pin should be ordered as soon as possible so that you have it for the first day of classes (Name pin order can take up to three weeks to arrive).

Summary of Minimum Uniform/Equipment Needs

  1. One white lab coat, mid-thigh in length
  2. Two uniforms in the colors stated above
  3. College insignia patch for each uniform, lab coat, and warm-up jacket
  4. One name pin
  5. One stethoscope
  6. Black ink ball point pen, bandage scissors, pen light, wristwatch with second hand