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Nursing Program Remediation Policy

The purpose of this Nursing Program Remediation Policy is to allow a student with a cognitive grade average of 76% or greater to continue in the Nursing Program upon successful completion of NUR201 Remediation Class.

Eligibility to Apply for NUR201 Remediation:

The Remediation Process for Nursing Students:

  • Minimum cognitive average of 76% in the NUR201 Nursing Program course.
  • Passing grade in clinical rotation with an evaluation of supervised level or above in NUR201.
  • A letter from the clinical instructor recommending remediation.
  • A letter by the student to the Director of Nursing; In the letter the student must identify and address the factors that they feel contributed to the failing grade of less than 77%.
  • Follow the guidelines set forth in the Nursing Program Student Handbook.
  • Attend all remediation classes: No tardiness or absence accepted.
  • Achieve a minimum cognitive grade of 77% on the remediation final exam.
  • Tuition and fees will be covered by the HRSA NWD grant for the period of the grant.

Note: Students are not eligible for NUR201 Remediation Class if any of the following items apply:

  • Clinical failure due to unprofessional or unsafe behavior.
  • Prior attendance in a remediation class.
  • Readmitted student status in the Nursing Program.

Students should refer to the College’s Student Handbook for additional information regarding leave of absence and withdrawal.