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Nursing Program Readmission Policy

The purpose of the Nursing Program Readmission Policy is to inform and guide nursing students through the process of readmission into the Nursing Program.

Eligibility to Apply for Readmission

The applicant:

  • Has the opportunity to apply only one time for readmission into the Nursing Program.
  • Is eligible to apply for readmission if on a leave of absence, withdrew from, or failed one of the following nursing courses: NUR 108, NUR 201, NUR 202, or NUR 203.
  • Is not eligible to apply for readmission if a clinical failure has occurred due to unprofessional or unsafe behaviors.
  • Must request readmission within one year of the withdrawal or failure. If the student does not apply for readmission within one year, the student is ineligible for readmission and can reapply to the program as a new student one time.

Applicants who have not completed NUR107, must apply to the Nursing Program through the Admissions Office and will be subject to the same criteria as first-time applicants.  Applicants have the opportunity to reapply to the program as a new student one time.  

Minimum Requirements for Readmission

The applicant must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be consider for readmission:

  1. Cumulative Cape Cod Community College (CCCC) GPA of 2.33 (C+) or greater in total previous coursework.
  2. Complete validation testing of previous nursing knowledge to verify adequate nursing knowledge and skill prior to placement in nursing courses. Validation testing consists of two components:
    1. Pass a written validation exam with a score of 77% or higher. Applicants will be able to take the validation exam only one time.
    2. Pass a clinical skills evaluation.
  3. Successful completion of written testing is required prior to scheduling the clinical skills evaluation.

The validation testing schedule is as follows:

To readmit into:

Pass validation exam for:

Pass clinical skills thru:

NUR 108

NUR 107

NUR 107

NUR 201

NUR 108

NUR 108

NUR 202

NUR 201

NUR 201

NUR 203

Not required*

Not required*

*All other readmission requirements apply

Applicants who do not pass the validation testing are allowed to reapply to the program as a new student one time. 

Readmission Decision

Readmission is based on space availability.  When there are multiple candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for readmission, applicants will be selected in rank order of their validation exam score.  If a tiebreaker is needed for selection, priority consideration will be given to applicants with a higher CCCC cumulative GPA.

Application Process for Readmission

Submit to the Admissions Office:

  1. Official transcript of courses completed at other colleges/universities during absence from CCCC.

Submit to the Nursing Program Director:

  1. Application for admission.
  2. A signed letter from the applicant identifying the factors that affected the applicant’s progression in the Nursing Program and a plan to achieve successful completion.

Application Deadlines:

February 5th is the deadline date to apply for the fall semester.

September 15th is the deadline date to apply for the spring semester.

A readmission fee of $100 is charged once the application is processed.  After the application is processed, the Nursing Department will contact eligible applicants to schedule validation testing.