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Nursing Program Progression Policy

The purpose of the Nursing Program Progression Policy is to clearly explain the requirements for progression through the Nursing Program.  

Evaluation of progression is an ongoing process that is the responsibility of the student and faculty, and is based upon Nursing Program and course objectives.

The passing grade for all nursing courses is 77 %. The final course grade is determined based on the following assessments: 

  • Cognitive Average of Exam Scores: A student’s cognitive average of exam scores is calculated and must be 77% or higher to pass the course. When a student misses a regularly scheduled exam the faculty will administer an alternate exam.  
  • Clinical Evaluation: Clinical evaluations are completed at regular intervals for each clinical experience by the instructor and the student using a clinical evaluation tool that is based on course objectives. Clinical faculty will issue a written clinical warning when a student’s clinical performance is unsatisfactory as detailed in the Instructors’ Course Outline. A student’s final clinical performance must be assessed as satisfactory according to the evaluation tool in order to advance to the next nursing course. If a student does not achieve a satisfactory final clinical evaluation, they will fail the nursing course and receive a grade of F.
  • Additional Assignments: Additional assignments are identified in the Instructors’ Course Outline and are included in the student’s final course grade if the student achieves the required cognitive average of 77% in testing.