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Student Governance

The Cape Cod Community College School of Nursing requests student representation each year for active participation in nursing program governance. Involvement of the student body in governance is emphasized at the college level through the Student Senate, as stated in the college catalog “students represent the needs and best interests of students; encourages and provides for the participation of all students in the issues and policies that affect their rights and responsibilities as members of the College family (see: Student Clubs and Organizations). These same ideals are emphasized at the Nursing program level.

In an effort to include the CCCC Nursing students in governance of our Nursing program one to two student representatives have been invited from each class /option to regularly attend the monthly Program meeting throughout the academic year. As of September 2018 these student representatives will now be elected by their classmates annually. Representatives act as liaisons between the Faculty and student body through attendance at monthly Nursing Program meetings. Meetings consist of and are attended by all full time nursing faculty, including the Director of the Nursing Program and on occasion the Dean of Health Sciences. Students are dismissed for any confidential matters related to individual student issues in efforts to meet FERPA regulations.

Process for Selecting Student Representatives:

  • Each fall, two (2) students (one primary, and one alternate) from each class from the Day and Evening/Weekend Options are selected by their peers from a list of student volunteers to fulfill a one-year appointment.
  • Students select the primary and alternate representative from a list of their class volunteers via Survey Monkey.
  • One student from the first year Day Option, one student from the second year Day Option and an Evening/Weekend Option representative must be able to attend a monthly Nursing Program. Should the primary representative not be able to attend, the alternate is responsible for the duties of the primary representative.

Student responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with all students in their class via college email addressing students’ questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions related to any or all aspects of the Nursing Program. If questions exist regarding appropriate concerns they can be brought to the Program Director by the student representative prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Attend monthly Nursing Program meetings (historically the first Wednesday of each academic month from 1:30–3:30pm)
  • Present student questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions to Program meeting members present during a designated time in the agenda.
  • Communicate via a written e-mail to the student body with a copy to the Program Director regarding the feedback or comments from the faculty members present regarding their questions, concerns, ideas and suggestions via a student distribution list. A copy of the e-mail is sent to the Program Director with a copy to the Administrative Assistant.