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Student Policy Regarding Exams

Purpose: To assist in maintaining integrity of Nursing exams and exam-taking process

How: Students taking an exam will:

  • Have a clear desk and test area. (Place all materials against the wall of the row they are sitting in.)
  • Utilize the calculator provided by the Nursing Program
    • Obtain a calculator from the proctor.
    • Place the number of the calculator you have on your exam next to your name.
    • Return the calculator to the proctor at the end of the exam.
  • Not have phones or other electronic equipment visible or used in the test area.
  • Not have Photographic watches, (i.e. Apple watches).
  • Phones must be off or set on vibrate.
  • Remove all hats and sweatshirt hoods.
  • Remove all tissues and food/liquid.
  • Remain in the testing area until finished with the exam. In the rare occasion that a student must leave momentarily, the student shall take his/her exam and answer sheet to the proctor and explain the situation. The student’s answers on the bubble sheet answered to that point shall stand. That bubble sheet will not be returned to the student. Upon returning to the exam, the student will receive a new bubble sheet and version of the exam and continue with the unanswered questions.

Proctors will periodically examine test areas.

Please refer to the student handbooks (College and Nursing) regarding plagiarism, cheating, and standards of professional conduct.