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Drug Screening Fees/Requirements

Drug Screening Fee

In the Spring semester, students will be charged an additional $50.00 to cover the cost of drug screening.

Drug Screening

To ensure that patient care is not compromised, nurses are often required to undergo drug screening prior to hire and as part of their continued employment by hospitals and clinics, including those which offer clinical placements to Cape Cod Community College’s nursing students. All nursing students are required to provide proof of a negative ten-panel drug screening in order to be eligible for clinical placement. Most often this drug screening is a urine sample. Drug screening may be repeated throughout the program as required by clinical settings.

This random drug screening will test for the presence of drugs including but not limited to barbiturates, cocaine, and marijuana, and must be administered under a chain of custody by a qualified facility and certified laboratory. Once the student’s date for testing is chosen, he/she has 48 hours to comply. This is a random screening, there are no exceptions. Students who do not successfully complete, or do not show up at their appointed time for this drug screening, are unable to participate in clinical and may be dismissed from the Nursing Program.

All drug screening results will be sent to the Dean of Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Human Services and Business in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential.” A positive drug screening finding is a Code of Conduct violation and will be managed according to those policies. Students will only be notified of their results if they are positive.

For most students, testing is done in the Fall semester and the $50.00 cost of the drug screening will be charged to the them in the Spring semester. Students will be responsible for the cost of any additional drugs screens that may be necessary for them to qualify for participation in a clinical placement.

Information about this screening will be discussed with students during the first week of classes.